The co-founder of Oculus, Michael Antonov, accused of sexual assault


A co-founder of the Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus has been accused of fumbling a woman during a VR session years ago. Autumn Rose Taylor, a marketing director of the Owlchemy Labs gaming studio, tweeted the allegations yesterday against Michael Antonov. Vice President of VR on Facebook, Andrew Bosworth, responded to his tweets. call the story "Disgusting". A spokesman for Facebook confirmed The edge Antonov left Facebook earlier this year.

Taylor wrote that the incident with Antonov had occurred at a video game developer conference evening while she was at the university. (She initially described him as "the founder / leader of a reputed VR hardware company" but then revealed his name.) Taylor confirmed to Internal business She had met Antonov at a GDC post-party in 2016, claiming that he had offered her to give him a private glimpse of the upcoming Oculus Rift headphones before taking him to a private room and grope it. "Michael Antonov was a fucking hogwash for me at an Oculus event. Men can not continue to do that, "she tweeted.

Bosworth, who started leading the team in 2018, tweeted that he had "asked to understand how situations were handled" on Facebook. "For reasons of confidentiality, I can not share details, but harassment is neither tolerated nor ignored. We investigate every claim, every time » he wrote. Oculus was bought by Facebook in 2014. Antonov's LinkedIn page says he joined Facebook's Oculus security team last year, but says his job ended in May. All other Oculus co-founders had left the company in mid-August.

Katie Chironis, a current Riot Games designer who has worked on several Oculus demos, has also reported a negative experience at Oculus. "I was sexually harassed at a holiday party in Oculus in front of about 10 other employees, many of whom immediately came forward to corroborate the story when I reported it to HR." The guy is still working there, " she wrote.

Taylor said Internal business that she was inspired by a series of public allegations against powerful men in the video game industry. Earlier this week, three game designers and composers were charged with rape and abuse, leading a studio to cancel an upcoming game because of these claims. Since then, other allegations have been made about other developers.

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