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The coach of the OLB Husker, Dewitt, is suffering from throat cancer; Frost comments on the situation in Washington | Soccer

During his appearance on Wednesday night at the Sports Nightly radio show, Scott Frost announced that the coach of linebackers and coordinator of the special teams from outside, Jovan Dewitt, was struggling against a form throat cancer.

"I think this stems, according to the doctors, from an illness that he had had earlier in the year," said Frost.

Frost said Dewitt is "not going to be a full-time participant," although, of course, this is not the important part of the conversation.

"He's an important part of what we do and a significant part of what we've done and he's currently fighting," Frost said. "The diagnosis is good enough.There is a high percentage of chances that it is a kind of curable cancer and it goes through all the steps necessary to try and conquer it.

"He has everyone behind him, so we support him and we'll get by without him, I know he's going to want to be there by doing everything with the team that he can but he has more important things on his plate right now. "

Frost hopes a Washington resolution "quickly": Frost told host Greg Sharpe, at the very top of the series, that he could not talk much about the situation of the second race behind the legal situation of Maurice Washington, but he exposed his feeling general.

Washington, of course, is facing a crime and a California crime charge related to allegations that he sent a sexually explicit video to an ex-girlfriend – in which Washington was not involved – of his daughter and two other boys, who were all minors at the time. time, years back.

"All I can tell you is that whenever there are accusations or accusations against any of our players, we will take this very seriously and cooperate with all of them possible ways with the people involved, "said Frost, adding that he had learned the existence of the situation a lot in recent weeks. "Our guys in Nebraska need to understand that they do not just represent themselves. They represent their team, the Department of Sports and the University of Nebraska.

"It's disappointing for me every time the team or university is misrepresented and I'm disappointed with everything. I hope the process moves forward quickly and that the subject is clarified. "

Tuioti "knows his job": Frost also made his first public comment on new defensive lineman Tony Tuioti on Wednesday.

Tuioti was officially hired on Tuesday and spent his first full day in the office on Wednesday.

"There is no doubt that he knows his job and he is passionate about it.There were a lot of very good candidates, but I think it was quite clear to all of us who was in charge and we were lucky to find him, "Frost said of the former coach of the Cal defensive line.

Frost also said it was a good decision for the general level of junior football players in Lincoln.

"By the way, he has seven children, including four boys, so a high school student here in Lincoln is about to improve a lot on football," Frost joked.

In a brief interview broadcast on "Sports Nightly," Tuioti said that the opportunity to train in Nebraska was too good to pass up.

"Coach Frost, just to have a chance to talk to him and listen to him and see what he's trying to build here in Nebraska, I've only heard great things about him" , did he declare. "… it's the University of Nebraska … it's a football brand … everyone in the country is aware of the University of Nebraska."

Tuioti said he was beginning to call his defensive line players Wednesday night to start getting to know them and he can not wait to have them in his office and on the training ground.

"It starts with trust," said Tuioti. "Once we are all on the same wavelength with respect to what we are trying to accomplish as a group, it will be easier to go out there and practice. "

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