The collaboration between John Travolta and Taylor Swift VMA with the star "RuPaul" Drag Race & # 39;


John Travolta chooses to simply get rid of his last snafu show, this time almost seeming to give Taylor Swift VMA Price to "RuPaul Drag Race" alade and look-alike Jade Jolie instead of the singer "You must calm down".

The moment became immediately viral, after Travolta had already bothered to mention his own nonsense when he turned around. Idina Menzel name in Adele Dazeem.

According to Travolta, however, while admitting that he was a bit overwhelmed, he claims that he never thought that Jolie was Swift. S addressing Hot 93.3 in Dallas-Fort Worth on Thursday, said the star of "The Fanatic".

"There are so many people who bombed the scene, I was looking for [Swift]. So the video makes me try to find it, and you know, I thought the way it was played was so funny, and it was cool, I did not care. "

The way he sees things does not seem to matter, it will make headlines. "Sometimes I fantasize if I gave it to [Jolie]? That would have been great, "he laughed. I should have gone to the end with that. "

But that's not what it looked like to the choreographer Todrick Hall, who co-directed Swift's video, Swift's VMA winner for "You need to calm down" and joined her on stage. He broke down what he saw during an appearance in "Jerry O" on Wednesday.

"[Travolta] was so confident that it was her, "said Hall at the host Jerry O'Connell. "I loved it, I saw it and we talked about it behind the scenes." Taylor found it hilarious. "

"Jade Jolie has made a living at the Play disco and is a fantastic drag queen," said Hall. "Everybody knows she's Taylor Swift's doppelganger, so I think it's the biggest compliment he's ever done to him. very confused."

At this crucial moment, Travolta joined Queen Latifah on stage to hand out one of the biggest awards of the evening. Mocking himself before announcing the winner, Travolta looked at Latifah and said, "I should not do that, because I'm just going to say crap and fk-k badly. do. "

She complied.

After Latifah announced that Swift "You need to calm down" had claimed the coveted moon character, the singer uttered "what the f – k" announced to one of her many co – stars then that the group was gathering on the stage.

Jolie beat the real Taylor Swift on the stage, prompting Travolta to stare, hand in the prize, realize that she was not the right person and swap him for a meritorious side hug.

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