The commentator of the Clippers says that the Rockets' James Harden & # 39; cheat in the game


While the Rockets rolled the Los Angeles Clippers and James Harden headed for 31 points on a 135-103 win on Wednesday night at Staples Center, Clippers' color commentator Don MacLean ripped the Rockets star.

When Harden approached the free throw line with the Rockets by 30 points in the middle of the fourth quarter, MacLean criticized Harden for his style of play.

"I just feel that this style, what Harden does, manipulates the game in one way or another – it's almost like fooling anyway." said MacLean. "And I do not really have any other idea than to look at something that is not basketball." For me, basketball is a player movement, a ball movement, designed games. That's why I mentioned this earlier: who else could do it? It's not like that in the system, it gets all these numbers, the system is designed for him. "

MacLean also said that the Rockets could not win a championship with this style of play. If LeBron James of the Lakers played the game like Harden, he could average 40 points per game.

Despite his criticism, Harden strongly advocates for a second consecutive season of most valuable player. Harden averages 36.3 points per game, a career high, and his 2723 total is the 12th highest total in the history of the NBA in a season.

MacLean was a star at UCLA and still holds the all-time record of the Pac-12 conference. He was a first round pick in 1992 and played nine seasons in the NBA. His best season is in his second year with an average of 18.2 points per game with the Washington Bullets.

Browse the photos above to see where James Harden's points total this season in the history of the NBA.

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