The company lands three Falcon heavy boosters

Falcons have landed

The second time is apparently the charm for SpaceX.

In February 2018, the space company Elon Musk launched a Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time, but it was not able to recover the three boosters from the rocket – instead of landing on the drone Standalone SpaceX as it was supposed to do, the center splashed in the Atlantic Ocean. Oops.

On Thursday, the company attempted its second launch of Falcon Heavy and this time, it nailed the landing of the three thrusters, marking a new stage in the field of reusable rockets.

Democratizing space

The Falcon Heavy is currently the most powerful launcher in operation. Because SpaceX has designed the rocket to be reusable, it can keep the cost of launches at a lower level than would otherwise be possible – and cheaper launches mean more launches, thus advancing the efforts of the humanity to study, explore and exploit the space.

Now that SpaceX has proven that it can successfully recover the three Falcon Heavy boosters, it can begin to look ahead to the five launches already on the rocket manifest – and the others that will likely follow.

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