The control does not use Denuvo anti-sabotage technology


The control versions are available later in the day and we can confirm that the game will not use Denuvo anti-sabotage technology. The revision code, which is identical to the commercial version, does not have this anti-sabotage technology. As such, we can safely assume that the final version will not use it either.

We've already seen developers implement Denuvo via Day 1 updates. Given Remedy's track record, I do not think that's happening. Nevertheless, if Remedy adds Denuvo, we will not fail to publish a new story about it.

Our PC performance analysis for control will be available later today. NVIDIA owners can read our DLSS article here, where we compare DLSS with native 1080p and 1440p resolutions.

Now, before I finish, I feel the need to confirm Remedy's claims that the game will work better than Quantum Break. On average, the control works better around 5 to 6 ips than the Quantum Break at resolutions 1440p and 4K. This is obviously without ray tracing effects since Quantum Break does not support any of them. So yes, Remedy was right; The control works better than Quantum Break.

Control uses the Northlight engine and is one of the few games to offer many real-time ray tracing effects. Remedy used real-time ray tracing for reflections, contact shadows, diffuse global lighting, and transparent reflections.

Stay tuned for more!

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