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The controversy of the agreement Rafale Twist | Bishop – Nun Number | Mani Bar number | Kaumudy Trending News

The police in Kerala do not seem to have been concerned so far about such a case. The police have reason to listen to every reason to pray. The reason for the arrest and arrest is a bishop. Bishop Franco Mulakkal, the Lord's husband, was arrested for allegedly raping a nun. Let's start with Kaumudi Trending News with bishop arrests. I pray Sreejith Balakrishnan.

A bishop in the history of India was arrested for the first time in connection with a sexual assault case. Consider the arrest of the bishop in order to fight with the nuns for this purpose. Accept the secret and public support of the church fathers for the fight. The particular case is that the police and the government have managed to survive all the vulnerabilities that could arise during the arrest of the bishop. The news was reported on the third day after the cameras in the chain waited for their arrest. Some even told the bishop that the police were reassured at the cost of the police. But when the bishop complained to the court that his stool and his blood were broken off forcefully, the sneezing issue disappeared. The replacement is that the bishop was tortured while in detention. With custody for two days, the police will recover other objects in the diocese of the bishop. The Bishop of Bishop was released on bail after being informed by police that the nun had been arrested by the bishop. In fact, the bishop was arrested and the nuns who organized a protest were relieved. If Franco had not stopped, stories of torture would have been published in the form of a series in Kerala. Until now, the nuns were ready. The police told the court that the bishop had some good stories to publish. If the nuns who live in the maternal granddaughter have private concerns, they can talk to Franco about it. To this end, an event of one hour will be held at the monastery, one day with the shepherd. With this hour, all the grief will solve the bishop. One day in the courtroom is the name of the police who will solve the bishop. Let's wait for other stories from the bishop. Until then, everything will be handed over to the police.

At the end of both, turn right and left to the right. So, if the stumble, the leftists will endure …. The leftists' relief is the relationship between Mani and Bar. Once again, the devil in the bar was reopened. That is why the Vigilance Court rejected a third report that bans bribery in Mani. That is to say that the hood bar and the bribe will equip Kerala for a little more time. Mani sir says the truth will prevail. But after getting legal advice with the law, go to the investigation against the Left Front government. This means that Mani Sar has time to leave.

If you ask the person named França Oloda, you will have to say that the God of Congressmen in India. However, former French President François Olalda comes to mind when he thinks the prime minister wants to make Narendra Modi talk. The incident is the Rafal Air Force. There was no point in thinking that members of Congress from morning until late afternoon had declared that it was a scam. But before Olada himself told me that he realized that Rahul Gandhi was corrupted until now. Rahul called him publicly while Narendra Modi was a thief. Rahul also said he paid Rs. 30000 to Anil Ambani as part of the deal. In fact, Olivada said that India was the choice of the company Ambani under the agreement. In any case, the Rafal Air Force had an influence in the Congress party before the parliamentary elections.

Thus, the Congress Party in Kerala had a permanent president who was waiting for him. Name Mullapally Ramachandran. K. Karunanidhi's own Kannur was a dreamy president to help him in the space. Sudhakaran, MPs MI Shanavas and Kodikunnil Suresh will be together. This too has taken a new position. Name of the campaign section. That's his head. Muralidharan. Oommen Chandy, who is waiting for the KPCC president, will be Benny Behan's assistant. The emissaries claim that Rahul Gandhi's decision gave a young face to Congress. Even though VM Sudheeran resigned, the Kerala Congress hit him like a hull of gold. Good prayer to everyone until you see her again next week. .