The costume designers guild gives the best prizes to "The Favorite," & quot; Black Panther & # 39;

"The Favorite", "Black Panther" and "Crazy Rich Asians" were named the best-dressed films in 2018 by the Costume Designers Guild, which presented its 21st Costet Designers Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

"The Favorite" won the award in the category "Vintage Film", "Black Panther" in the category "Fiction / Fantasy Film" and "Crazy Rich Asians" in the category "Contemporary Film".

Among this year's CDG recipients, "The Favorite" and "Black Panther" are nominated for Oscars in the category "Best Costume Design". "Crazy Rich Asians" is not.

In its previous 20 years, one of the winners of the CDG won the Oscar for Costume Design nine times. Five of these winners belonged to the category of films of the time, two of the category sci-fi / fantasy and two of the category now disappeared.

In the four television categories, the winners were "The wonderful Mrs. Maisel" (period), "The assassination of Gianni Versace" (contemporary), "Westworld" (science fiction / fantasy) and "RuPaul & # 39; s Drag Race "(variety, reality-competition and live).

Childish Gambino's Thisish America music video has won awards for short costume design.

Kate Walsh hosted the show that took place at the Beverly Hilton hotel. The Spotlight Award was awarded to actress Glenn Close, the Career Achievement Award to costume designer Ruth E. Carter (who also won a competitive award for "Black Panther"), the Distinguished Colleague Award to Ryan Murphy and the Distinguished Service Award at Betty Pecha Madden.

The winners of the Costume Designers Guild Awards:

Excellence in contemporary film: "Rich and crazy Asians" – Mary E. Vogt

Excellence in the film of the time: "The favorite" – Sandy Powell

Excellence in sci-fi / fantasy movies: "Black Panther" – Ruth E. Carter

Excellence in contemporary television: "The assassination of Gianni Versace: the history of American crime" – Lou Eyrich & Allison Leach

Excellence in television of the era: "The wonderful Mrs. Maisel" – Donna Zakowska

Excellence in science fiction / fantasy television: "Westworld" – Sharen Davis

Excellence in variety, competition from reality, live television: "Drag Race of RuPaul" – Zaldy Goco

Excellence in short form design: Childish Gambino: "It's America", music video – Natasha Newman-Thomas

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