The crows offered Clay Matthews more money than the Rams


Like Eric Weddle, Clay Matthews did not sign with the Los Angeles Rams because they had the biggest bid on the table. That's all the rest – from their current composition to Sean McVay's coaching style – that drew them into the City of Angels.

Weddle said he had the chance to sign several more contracts for much more than the Rams, but he appreciated his position in LA and his chances of winning a Super Bowl. it turns out that Matthews was in a similar situation.

According to Mike Silver, of, who spoke at length to Matthews, the Ravens offered Clay more money than the Rams.

Once free trade began, Matthews was interested in L.A., even though the Rams did not offer as much money as he hoped to win on the open market. Although the Ravens have offered more, Matthews has finally favored the two-year, $ 9.25-million, $ 5.5-million, up to $ 16.75 millions of dollars. His previous contract with the Packers, which expired after 2018, has averaged $ 13 million a year over five seasons.

Matthews told Silver about his split with the Packers. He clearly explained that Green Bay had no interest in bringing it back, even at a lower cost. Matthews said he thought "always stay there, be it cheaper".

Even before signing on the dotted line with the Rams, Matthews and his agent went back to the Packers to see if they would be interested in an offer matching that of Los Angeles. The Packers refused and Matthews found his new home.

"Really, if I had a list of 100 things as to why I would sign here, everything was a check – with the exception of my ego taking a pay cut, you know? "Said Matthews. "While, like any other team we talked to, it might not have been better for kids or it was difficult for my family to travel or there was another problem."

The Rams were a perfect match for Matthews. He's from Southern California, played his college ball in the same stadium as the Rams and tries to win the Super Bowl with an already busy team. And the chance to play in Wade Phillips's scheme was also an advantage.

"I just want to play," Matthews said. "One of the things I said from the start is that it allows its game leaders to play their ability. And for me, it's that factor that's out of control – taking pictures, taking calculated risks – when I felt like I was a little handcuffed last year.

Matthews will be a starting linebacker for the Rams this season, while also playing a linebacker. As a veteran leader with a decade of experience, he fits perfectly in Los Angeles.

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