The cryptographic wallet of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will support CosmoCoin (COSM), as well as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other digital resources.

The cryptocurrency market has a "green" day on Tuesday, EOS is up 24% in 24 hours, followed by Bitcoin Cash, the second-biggest winner

Tuesday, February 19, the market is pleased investors with positive news: almost all the top 100 coins go to the North, and the top ten and twenty best coins are in the green zone.

Bitcoin and the biggest winners

This morning, Bitcoin rose 5.01% to $ 4,937. Over the past few days, its trading volume has appreciated about $ 4 billion, as has its market capitalization.

The largest gains were recorded by EOS (the business operating system), which appreciated by almost 24% over the last day. The price of the coin now stands at $ 3.61.

It is followed by Bitcoin Cash with an increase of nearly 14% and a current price of 148.43 dollars.

The next big winner is out of the top ten – Cardano. Over the last few days, ADA has managed to overtake Bitcoin SV and to win 11th place.

JP Morgan's piece is not a crypto, Global Community - Rest Assured: Forbes

EOS does not have a leader – is it good or bad?

Many of the top ten cryptographic assets have a famous character leading them to the future and massive adoption. When we think of Ethereum, we think of Vitalik Buterin; when we talk about Bitcoin, there is at least Satoshi Nakamoto; Bitcoin Cash is mainly associated with Roger Ver; and for Bitcoin Cash SV, you have Craig Wright, who also claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

In this regard, EOS seems to have a wide scope of freedom for its PR team initiative. Nevertheless, each of the above cryptographic figures has its own enemies or people who do not like them.

Some people think Vitalik Buterin is weird and lacks charisma. It is believed that Roger Ver is hysterical for some. When we talk about Mr. Craig Wright, there are at least a dozen people who make fun of his Satoshi statements.

Speaking of Craig Wright

Speaking of negative reaction to the public figure of Bitcoin Cash SV on Monday, U.Today said that Wright assured the CFTC that he was the one who had not been disguised, and that he had even suggested taking an oath.

Nevertheless, the absence of a public figure at the helm of EOS can even be a good thing in these circumstances.

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