The Cubs play with Johan and pay the price while the Braves win 6-4 wins


Johan Camargo did not start a match until today. Johan Camargo was unsuccessful until he squeezed a 1-2 at eighth, which turned a 4-2 deficit into a 5-4 advantage for the home team. All greet Johan Camargo.

Some baseball games are simple: you can describe them with a simple line. [Pitcher] dominated [team]. [Batters] mash potatoes [homers/doubles]. Bad defenses [team]. Bullpen collapse. Etc. This game, well, this game has nothing to do with it. There were phases, twists and twists. It was like an airport novel starring Johan Camargo. Here is what happened.

The first rounds were full of tension. Both teams understood it well. Julio Teheran looked a bit like his previous (2017-8), as he struggled to miss the left bats and control his command early in his outing. It allowed a single player, Ben Zobrist, to start the match, then offered a goal to Anthony Rizzo, seriously missing the arm (as we have all seen) on three of the four balls. But then, a gift of providence: Javier Baez broke a slider suspended directly to Josh Donaldson at the third goal, allowing to easily double Zobrist to the second goal. At the end of the round, the Braves had the opportunity to lose an opportunity against Jon Lester. Ozzie Albies opened the match with a single and finished third. Atlanta Braves Sleeper Agent Center player Jason Heyward let the ball roll under his glove and on the warning track. Josh Donaldson then walked, but Lester managed to sneak up by hitting Freddie Freeman and getting a custom-made double balloon from Ronald Acuña Jr.

Tehran did not have the chance to be so lucky on the second day as the first three Cubs drummers reached the base via singles. A strange flight attempt by Kyle Schwarber (the first of the singles) was shot by Tyler Flowers, which helped to mitigate the damage. Nevertheless, it was a tough run for Tehran, as the weakest of these balls was hit at 102 mph (the others were at 104 and 108). Then, extremely annoyingly, Jon Lester (career striker .93 / .136 / .137, who is a -30 wRC +) managed to hit a wounded duck bloop over Ozzie Albies' head to a meager centenary. But the races are not given for the speed of exit and with runners at the corners, the first leg of the match was easily scored. Tehran then fell behind Heyward with a score of 3 to 1, unable to find the area, but someone whispered Heyward's ear-activated sentence and he easily obeyed by coming out . Tehran then hit Zobrist in the hope of ending the match with one goal, although he allowed four hits in the inning.

Tehran then returned to the dugout and clearly cleared a mechanical problem, while he returned to the mound with revenge. He erased Kris Bryant with an unpleasant three-shot run and later persuaded Baez to get a K in the back and finish the round. This is how the Braves made their first advance of the day, when they finally arrived at Lester. Dansby Swanson started the fun part by taking a Lester cutter on the outskirts of the area, right out of the field. The ball kept coming up, landing over the fence to tie the match one by one. Then, on a 0-2 pitch, Ozzie Albies did much of the same thing (this time on a fastball in the back-and-forth corner of the area), and just like that, the Braves were leading by a race. The Braves scored a few points against Lester in this round (Donaldson's third-basel single, Freeman walk), but he escaped without lasting damage after Nick Markakis scalded a ball in the middle, but in Heyward's corner. .

After all this excitement came a calm interlude. Tehran's command left him in the fourth; He had two very fast starts, including a three-shot save from Willson Contreras, but then conceded consecutive ten-throw strikes to Daniel Descalso and (!!!) Jon Lester (!!!). Tehran, visibly frustrated, then threw the figurative kitchen sink on Heyward, finally activating his sleeping agent button to the seventh length, a fastball located in Broadway that was nonetheless sent for a harmless exit. Whatever happens between the rounds, Tehran regains his composure and form, and clears the camp after a simple Zobrist to end his night. Meanwhile, Lester was watching the Braves, walking Swanson and allowing only one of Albies but nothing else.

The next phase of the game was Braves fans: the frustration of the bullpen. Jonny Venters came to the rescue of Tehran in the sixth row and was … naughty. He started a walk to Schwarber, with only one of the six fields discovering the area (and the others being very far away). Then, inexplicably allowed to face a rider despite the fact that he himself was a LOOGY, Venters may have obtained the most predictable result: he fell behind Contreras 3-0, had just a shot of fist on the fourth pitch, then hissed a lead that did not sink right down the pipe, where he was knocked at the dead center for a two-lap lead change circuit. Welp. But not too long, thankfully. The fans then scratched Descalso but (# !? #% &!) Issued another walk to Jon Lester, a sign of the end times. Jason Heyward then did just enough to prevent the Cubs from becoming suspicious about his allegiance, with a long-distance player who bounced off Freeman's glove and sped past Albies in the grass outside. The game was scored a single, and Lester ran in third place, pushing the game's Venters. Wes Parsons then went on and prevented the worsening of the disorder. He unleashed a Zobrist flight and then knocked out Bryant with a chest slider for the third shot to keep the deficit out.

Lester finished strong, eliminating two of four and four of the last eight batters he faced, before leaving the game. Meanwhile, Jesse Biddle gave the Cubs a seventh point in the seventh, leaving a single for Rizzo and a single for Contreras, which he was inexplicably allowed to face, even though all of Contreras' content against southpaw was literally being gone as bad as possible for the Braves the previous round. A wild throw then pushed Rizzo on the plate to make it 4-2. Biddle's night ended with a strange piece: Descalso hit a player who was started and then recovered by Albies. Contreras finished third despite keeping the ball on the field and was easily removed from the game to end the inning. Brandon Kintzler then went to Chicago and shot what appears to be a crazy rarity: a 1-2-3 run of a reliever.

In the eighth, the Braves summoned Luke Jackson from the office. It went well, while Jackson allowed a single head-to-head, and then the agent Heyward gave a double balloon. He then scratched Zobrist to complete the frame.

And this has put in place some really fun stuff (for the Braves) and some really scary stuff (for the Cubs). Despite the fact that Freddie Freeman is about to start the round, Chicago boss Joe Maddon has chosen to go with right-hander Steve Cishek. Cishek, lacking or no benefit from squad, had a control / command / gumption / mojo / other absolutely nil words that means things at night. He walked Freeman on four courses. He walked on Acuña on five pitches (including a 3-0 shot). He walked Nick Markakis on six fields. Johan Camargo was next. He would not have the chance to walk on seven fields.

Although it is likely that Johan Camargo crushed the left-handers, Joe Maddon then went to his paddock and recovered Randy Rosario, a relief man who throws with his left appendage. It was a strange choice to say the least, and it's not as if Camargo's divisions required extensive research – one could speculate that it was better against left-handed simply because today's match was the first time the Braves faced a left-handed starter, and it's no coincidence that Camargo made its debut this year. Camargo watched the first shot hit the ground, then the leftist gesture that he did so well – Rosario's third fastball was relegated to the center, behind the outfielders, clearing goals, turning a two-point deficit in one point advantage, and is generally the most impressive thing to date for the Braves this season. All greet Johan Camargo. Was it better than his triple RBI last year? I do not know, you decide.

Even more curiously, Maddon then elevated Rosario to the benefit of former Brave Brad Brach. We do not really understand why he did not add Brach instead of Rosario, but hey, we'll accept it. Brach did not do very well either (the bullies, dude), Tyler Flowers decided to push Camargo to third place, and Dansby Swanson made a pass of sacrifice in the middle to complete the score. Brach would walk with Albies and Donaldson later in the frame, forcing Maddon to get a fourth pitcher for the frame (this strange trick will make Rob Manfred hate you!). This fourth pitcher was Mike Montgomery, who allowed Freeman to play with the packaged bags.

Arodys Vizcaino then took the start for ninth place and, although he did not disappoint by publishing the usual march (a variety to one for Rizzo), he eliminated Baez and Schwarber to end the match. .

Many fun things in the box score points for this one. Ozzie Albies went 3-for-4 with a walk. Josh Donaldson reached the base three times (single, two steps). Each position player has reached the base at least once for the Braves. The Braves won even though the Cubs beat 12 hits, largely because only one of those 12 goals was for extra goals. The last line of Julio Teheran was a ratio of 7/3 K / BB in five frames with a permitted run, and he maintained a speed of 90 to 91 mph on his fastball.

The Braves will attempt to return to .500 tomorrow with Max Fried, the provisional starter scheduled for the clash against Yu Darvish. But that can wait until tomorrow. For now, I salute Johan Camargo. Make your offer in the comments below.

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