The DACA flight attendant obtains the agreement of the airline to travel to Mexico, then is retained on his return to the United States.


By Suzanne Gamboa

AUSTIN, Texas – An airline hostess of Mesa Airlines who had mistakenly assured her airline that she could travel to Mexico had been arrested on her return to the United States and detained for longer. from a month in an immigration detention center in Conroe, Texas, according to his lawyer.

Selene Saavedra Roman, 28, air hostess for Mesa Airlines, a Phoenix-based regional airline, was arrested on Feb. 12 at Houston's George Bush intercontinental airport, told NBC News on Friday. his lawyer, Belinda Arroyo. Saavedra Roman's detention was reported for the first time by The Points Guy's travel website.

Originally from Peru, she is registered with DACA, the Obama administration's program that allows her to stay legally in the country and work.

"We are deeply sorry that Selene and her husband had to endure this situation. It is clearly unfair that someone is detained for six weeks for something that is nothing other than an administrative error and misunderstanding, "said Jonathan Ornstein, chairman and chief executive officer. General of Mesa. "We are doing everything in our power to ask the administration to release Selene and to drop all charges arising from this horrible situation."

Saavedra Roman is married to a US citizen and is seeking legal resident status, but Arroyo said the federal government is now threatening to revoke its DACA status.

Under the Obama administration, DACA beneficiaries could apply to travel outside the country. But when President Donald Trump ended DACA, this trip was canceled. Court injunctions have prevented the Trump administration from terminating DACA for the time being, but the courts have not lifted the ban on DACA recipients traveling outside the United States.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services stated that they could not comment on any particular cases and cited their January 2018 memo that they would neither accept nor approve applications for "early release" of DACA beneficiaries. Early parole is the authorization that DACA recipients must obtain to travel outside the country.

Saavedra Roman has owned the DACA since 2012, when it was made available to children illegally in the country and meeting certain criteria.

In a statement released Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which holds Saavedra Roman, confirmed her arrest and said she had been "treated" as a rejected crew member, which refers to members of the airlines and crews of ships that do not have the necessary documents to enter. the country when they arrive at ports and airports.


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