The Daily Outkick: Thursday, April 4, 2019


Posted on April 4, 2019 by Jimmy Orr – The Daily Outkick

How Chris Beard has integrated Texas Tech into the most unlikely Juggernaut of College Basketball (The ringThe Red Raiders have long been a Big 12 afterwards. Now they are about to win a national title.

Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman appear in court for a college admissions case (the Wall Street newspaper) Parents are facing charges in what prosecutors have described as a ploy of cheating and bribery aimed at getting their kids to the best universities.

One and done? Yes, but before the four finalists (New York Times) None of the freshmen on the remaining four teams in the NACA. The men's tournament averages more than 6 points per game.

Biden says he will change his physical behavior as three other women come forward (Washington Post) Three women said that Biden's behavior with them made them uncomfortable and that Biden's comments Wednesday did not fully address their concerns.

AAF players who could get another shot at the NFL (IF) The AAF suspends operations eight weeks after the inaugural season. The performances of which players have deserved the look of the scouts of the NFL?

Republicans trigger 'nuclear option' to speed up Trump nominees (politico) Senate Republicans used the "nuclear option" on Wednesday to unilaterally reduce the length of debate on most presidential candidates.

Chris Beard, Texas Tech Prologue, Welcomes Bob Knight's Victory (New York PostFormer Texas Tech coach Bob Knight is "tickled to death", his former assistant Chris Beard leading the Red Raiders to the Final Four.

The Snap Decision Society (AxiosMaking assumptions is a centuries-old human flaw, but it's increasingly difficult to respond to an increasingly complex world at the speed of light.

Notre Dame Football 2019: Schedule, List, Recruitment And Three Questions For Irish Fights (Sports NewsBrian Kelly enters his 10th season as coach of Notre Dame, looking to take advantage of the program's first participation in the college football playoffs.

Here's who owns everything in the mainstream media today (recodingIt probably will not look like that for a long time.

John Skipper tells Bill Simmons that the ESPN contract non-renewal contract was "because you were not going to stay." (Awful Announcing) Simmons says "it's true"

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