The data breach at Blue of Cross of Idaho has been reported to the FBI

BOISE, Idaho – One of Idaho's largest insurance companies said one person had been able to hack his online network to access personal information of about 1 % of its clients, including their names, payment information and codes indicating the medical procedures eventually followed by clients. suffered.

Idaho's Blue Cross made the announcement Friday afternoon in a prepared statement. A spokesman for the company did not immediately respond to an appeal from the Associated Press.

The company said the incident had been reported to the FBI and that its officials would inform anyone whose information might have been accessed during the privacy breach.

Idaho's Blue Cross says the information does not include social security numbers, credit card or credit card numbers, or medical diagnosis information. Affected customers will receive a new member ID card and will be offered a three-year membership to a credit monitoring and identity theft restoration service.

According to the company's website, nearly a quarter of Idaho's population is enrolled in an Idaho Blue Cross insurance plan.

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