The day of the Pokemon Go community April 2019, it is today: the hour, the brilliant scooter and the move

Niantic has some important events on Pokemon Go next week, from a special Latios raid to the return of the annual egg party. But first and foremost, the developer is organizing the April Community Day. The monthly event comes back today, April 13th, giving players around the world another chance to win bonuses and capture some rare Pokemon, including a new Shiny.

As in previous months, the April Community Day will only last three hours, during which time you will be able to experience more Pokemon spawning this month. Although the duration is always the same, the details of each community day, such as its start time and other bonuses you can earn, usually vary from month to month. So we rounded up all the results. important details you need to know about this month's event below.

What is the Pokemon featured?

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On each community day, Niantic designates a "featured" Pokémon that will act as the star of the event. Throughout the community day, the Pokémon presented will appear more often in the wild than usual, which makes it a good opportunity to stock them. In addition, Community Days generally offer players their first opportunity to acquire the Shiny version of the Pokémon presented this month, and the monster can learn a special movement if it evolves completely at the end of the event.

The Pokemon presented for the April Community Day is Bagon, the first form of Dragon Pokemon Salamence, fan favorite. Throughout the event, Bagon will be much more widespread than it normally is, and you will have your first chance to capture a Shiny Bagon. In addition, if you manage to evolve Bagon until Salamence until one hour after the end of the event, it will automatically experience the powerful Dragon-type attack. outrage.

What time does it start?

Until last month, Niantic traditionally organized each community day for a given period, which varies from region to region. In North America, for example, the event would continue from 11:00 to 14:00, while the European Community Day would be from 10:00 to 13:00 UTC.

However, starting in March, Niantic changed the calendar of community days. Rather than organizing the event at specific times in each region, it will now take place everywhere, from 15h-18h local time. This should make memorizing the day of the community easier because you no longer need to convert the event times into your time zone.

What are the other bonuses?

In addition to the increased appearances of Pokemon, Niantic is offering some other bonuses every month of the community day to further encourage them to go out and participate in the event. This month, you'll win triple the usual amount of XP to capture Pokemon throughout the community day. In addition, the Lure modules – which usually last only 30 minutes – will be stay active for three hours when it is used during the event.

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