The defense claims that Corey Jones has pointed his gun at officer Raja twice


Nouman Raja is on trial for the murder of drummer Corey Jones on October 18, 2015. (WPEC | Palm Beach Gardens Police)

The defense attorney for former Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja said that the church drummer Corey Jones had pointed a loaded handgun at Raja twice before it is shot in self-defense.

"It's a terribly sad and tragic affair," Scott Richardson said. "This is an example of a perfect storm that turned to death when Corey Jones pointed a loaded handgun at Nouman Raja."

The complaint was made during opening statements made to both parties at the Raja trial, accused of killing the musician during a roadside clash in October 2015. Jones said that Raja had been fired. six shots during the meeting, hitting Jones three times.

Prosecutors, in their opening statement, exposed the case, saying the evidence would show three things: Raja shot Corey Jones; Raja at no time acted as a law enforcement officer; and Raja is guilty.

"Corey was shot in the heart and his heart was broken," said Deputy Attorney General Brian Fernandes.

Jones was on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck after the breakdown of his SUV. Raja work under cover in a burglary detail, said that he identified himself and fired after Jones pulled out a gun. Prosecutors maintain that Raja's accounts are at odds with what was heard during Jones'Call for help, and later, Raja call to send.

The six members jury The panel is composed of four men and two women. Four other jurors will serve as substitutes.

Raja faces a charge of attempted first degree murder and a leader of manslaughter, charges that could lead Raja to life imprisonment.

CBS12 News will broadcast the full trial online. You can also follow the journalists Chuck Weber and Thomas Forester on Twitter. They cover the court process.

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Any court decision of the case can be found in a special section on the Palm Beach County Clerk website.

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