The deliveryman plunges the testicles into salsa A customer ordered


Image by Blount County Sheriff / Silvia Elena Puchetta Castaeda / EyeEm / Getty Images

A delivery guy decided to put his nuts in a salsa container for a customer and OMG, why?

Men, do you need help? Are things going well? Blink once for yes, twice for hell Yes. We ask the question because we are recently horrified by the latest news from Men Being Weird And Awful. A man delivering food would have soaked his testicles in a salsa order that he was bringing to a customer. No, we do not laugh. Yes, oh yes, as we would like to be.

Howard Matthew Webb, 31, from Tennessee, was in the passenger seat of a delivery vehicle while another employee was traveling to their destination. According to Fox 12, Webb was filmed plunging his doo-papa into the spicy condiment before transporting him to his destination.

Delivery driver soaks his nuts in salsa and like, men are they okay?

As, How is this a news? What prompted this man to make the decision to open a salsa container meant for a Mexican customer to take away innocent and stuff his nose? And allow him to be filmed by the driver?

Apparently, everything was about Benjamins – or their absence. The driver reportedly shared the video online with the following caption: "That's what you get when you tip 89 cents for a ride of almost 30 minutes by car." Webb was arrested last week for charges Falsification of food .. Takeaway delivered to me again.

Unfortunately, the video of this confusing incident is still around. Although we can not literally see its parts, uh, it's still a pretty NSFW. Or life in general, because EW.

News 10 shared the horrible images where Webb can be heard saying, "Oh, that's good on my balls."

What in hell?

Dinner Delivered, the service that employed the driver and Webb, fired the driver and also sent information about his identity to the police. Yes, that's right, his accomplice was a woman. The arrest warrant indicated that the food came from a local Mexican restaurant and that the customer was reimbursed for food contaminated by the bullet.

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