CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) – A Delta flight made an emergency landing in Wyoming after the instruments detected a possible fire in the cargo area of ​​the aircraft.

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports that there were no injuries among the more than 200 passengers and crew members on Friday afternoon when a Delta Airbus A321 aircraft departing from Salt Lake City for Detroit has landed at the Cheyenne Regional Airport.

The director of the Cheyenne Regional Airport, Tim Barth, said the plane was flying at about 10,000 meters (10,000 meters) around 3 pm. Friday, when pilots noticed an increase in temperatures in the cargo area.

After landing the plane and evacuating passengers, firefighters checked the plane and found no fire. Passengers were allowed to re-board and pick up their belongings.

Barth said Delta was to bring a replacement plane Friday night to resume the trip.

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