The Democratic legislator apologizes for speaking about a neighborhood of N-Word at a party at the cigar bar


AIn the midst of calls for his resignation, a white Democrat member of the Maryland House of Representatives apologized for claiming to have qualified a district-level Prince George County legislative district of N-word while he was in a cigar bar of Annapolis.

Of the. Mary Ann Lisanti, 51, said she was "disgusted" by her alleged remarks and apologized privately to her colleagues after she addressed the leaders of the Black Legislative Caucus. from Maryland. She also apologized publicly.

"She has apologized several times," Black Caucus group leader Del Darryl Barnes told the Washington Post. "She recognizes how much she hurt so many caucus members and she hoped to repent of that. She said that she did not remember completely what had happened, but she recognizes what happened. "

Even so, Barnes called the apology unsatisfactory and called on Speaker Michael Busch to further penalize Lisanti. The Black Caucus and other groups have since called for Lisanti's resignation.

"We know she's one of our colleagues, we know she's a Democrat, but a party has nothing to do with the hatred and fanaticism that come out of someone's mouth," he said. Barnes.

"There is no place in the House of Delegates for this type of language to use," Barnes said. "It's unacceptable, it's offensive and it's very hurtful."

Although Lisanti does not remember very well the incident and the evening in question, she is certain to have used this racial insult because "everyone" used it.

"I'm sure I have … I'm sure everyone has used it," Lisanti said in the mail. "I used the word F. I used the name of the Lord in vain."

The Washington Post had previously reported that Lisanti's controversial comment was made in January in the presence of Del. Jay Walker from Prince George County at a meeting after regular business hours at Annapolis Cigar. Walker, a former professional quarterback, said he confronted Lisanti about his use of the term in private.

"I relied on my time in football," Walker said. "It was something I had to handle inside the locker room, and I handled it appropriately. I made my disappointment known. When she apologized, I told her how disappointed I was.

Lisanti has since made a public apology to the House Democratic Caucus for his comments.

"I apologize deeply … for my choice of words several weeks ago," Lisanti said in a statement to the House's democratic caucus. "I am nauseated that a word that is not in my vocabulary has come out of my mouth. It does not represent my belief system, the work of my life or what is my heart. "

She also spoke directly to her constituents and begged them to forgive her.

"It is my hope and prayer that you … can forgive me for the pain I have caused and help to repair what I have broken," she said. "I will continue every day to to work to repent of my actions and to represent my constituents ".

In light of his supposed remarks, Lisanti will undergo awareness training, according to Busch. She will no longer chair a subcommittee of the House.

"I hope that through the awareness training that delegate Lisanti has accepted and with the help of her colleagues, she will develop a better understanding of the impact she has had on her fellow legislators and on the entire House of Delegates, "said Busch in a statement. .

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