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[MISEÀJOUR:DanVogelvice-présidentdel'ingénieriechezEpicaconfirméqueniEpicGamesniFortniten'ontétécompromisparuneréponseàReddit[UPDATE:EpicVPofEngineeringDanVogelhasconfirmedthatneitherEpicGamesorFortnitehavebeencompromisedviaareplyonReddit[MISEÀJOUR:DanVogelvice-présidentdel'ingénieriechezEpicaconfirméqueniEpicGamesniFortniten'ontétécompromisparuneréponseàReddit[UPDATE:EpicVPofEngineeringDanVogelhasconfirmedthatneitherEpicGamesorFortnitehavebeencompromisedviaareplyonReddit"The system of accounts feeding Epic Games Store and Fortnite has not been compromised. Specific individual accounts have been compromised as a result of numerous automated attempts by hackers to attempt to connect to Epic Games accounts using email / password combinations disclosed by password violations. security on other websites. "]

Since announcing the first exclusive gaming contract, Epic Games Store has been criticized by PC gamers despite a better distribution of developer revenue and the promise of free games. From the lack of a review system to a set of nude features, Epic Game Store is packed with improvements in many areas, but recent news reports suggest there may be a major flaw with the gaming showcase on a digital PC. Apparently, Epic Games Store scares players Fortnite Account Information.

On a Reddit, a user called the_creature_walks drew attention to Epic Games Store and a potential vulnerability. According to them, Fortnite The account information was disclosed in Pastebin in the form of e-mails and plain text passwords, as well as the appearances of each account. Apparently, there is a vulnerability in Epic Games Store that allows hackers to access this application. Fortnite Account Information.

Now it is important to note that this is only an alleged leak and has not yet been recognized by Epic Games. As the user points out, only about 600 accounts were compromised and their information published on Pastebin. However, the legitimacy or otherwise of these connections is still to be confirmed.

Given the general discontent surrounding Epic Games Store with respect to the aforementioned gaming exclusivity agreements, it is quite possible that someone is simply trying to make bad press for Epic Games Store. Nevertheless, we recommend checking the Pastebin to see if your account has been compromised.

epic games store pursues its exclusivities

As mentioned, the discussion around Epic Games Store by PC gamers has been resolutely negative. Yes, there are many who do not care about the store or its exclusives, but others are frustrated with having to use a launcher and a non-steam store. Some are so unhappy with Epic Games Store exclusives on games like Borderlands 3 (Timed Exclusive) and Metro Exodus, which they review have bombarded the previous games of the series on Steam.

In other words, this news could feed the critics of Epic Games Store. But again, make sure your account information is secure, check Pastebin to make sure nothing has been compromised, but do not necessarily take that as a sign that there is a huge vulnerability in Epic Games Store.

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