The developers of God of War thank their fans with the dynamic theme Video and PS4 free approaching their birthday

In a few days, April 20, God of War of the Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica Studio will celebrate its first birthday and its developers have taken the time to celebrate the fans who have supported the game.

Today, Sony has released a video featuring the players who created the game by thanking the fans. They also present some of the impressive fan art and works that many have made to express their love for Kratos' new adventure and the first trials for Atreus.

You can watch the video below, and it's a rather emotional journey through all that players can express with love for a game. At a time when fans are often wrongly portrayed as too negative, this is certainly refreshing.

This is not the only surprise in store, Sony has also launched a truly charming and dynamic theme featuring father and son on their now iconic boat, topped with the fantastic music of God of War. It's totally free and you'll find it here on PlayStation Stores in North America and Europe.

This is certainly one of the best themes published over the past year, and it's directly appeared on the dashboard of my PS4.

If you are not familiar with the game, you can check our article and understand why the game has aroused so much love and respect among players and fans of the franchise.

God of War is currently available exclusively for PS4.

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