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The director of "Dark Phoenix" Simon Kinberg says "Put it on me" for chess – Deadline

For Simon Kinberg, the responsibility stops there regarding the failure of Dark Phoenix at the height of the commercial and critical success of the previous films of the X-men franchise.

"I'm here and I say that a movie does not work, put it on me," Kinberg said in the KCRW podcast. Business. "I'm the writer / director of the film, the film was not put in contact with the public, it's for me."

The film debuted last weekend and raised only $ 33 million at the US box office. With an estimated production cost of $ 200 million before marketing, it is a problem. The critical reception, which has recorded 23% of Rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, did not help, is the lowest score ever recorded for an X-men movie.

Anthony D'Alessandro in Deadline describes in detail the behind-the-scenes drama of the film's production, including the shocking news that the film was originally configured in two parts, which led to rework and script changes that have caused trouble.

Despite the problems, Kinberg said he enjoyed working on the film and that several industry leaders had offered him heart to share their experiences.

Kinberg quoted a conversation with Ridley Scott resulting from their work together The Martian like something that he takes to ease. Scott said G.I. Jeanne was the favorite movie he was working on instead of the expected movie Extraterrestrial, Blade runner, Thelma And Louise or Gladiator.

"He said it was his favorite because it was just a good process and that he learned a lot about the manufacturing process," Kinberg said. "I've thought a lot about this over the years, and a lot over the last weekend."

Kinberg also received support from Tim Miller, with whom he collaborated in the first dead Pool.

"He wrote me an empathic email for a movie that does not work," Kinberg said. "People will come to see the film differently and, out of the context of this particular moment, will see things that they will appreciate and enjoy as a fan."

Listen to Kinberg's full interview in KCRW's The Business.

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