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The director of the Sword and Shield of Pokemon says that it's about "growing and evolving", for the trainer as well

Screen capture: Nintendo
E3 2019It is the hour of the biggest game show of the year. We have articles, videos, podcasts and maybe even a GIF or two.

For Pokémon the producer Junichi Masuda and Pokemon Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori, the spirit of Pokémon is all about metamorphosis.

I played Pokémon since I was about 8 years old, and every time a new game comes out, I wonder what it's all about Pokémon it brought me back for two decades. I am a very different person than I was at age 8 and, although my tastes have changed to a great extent, my love of Pokémon stayed. Speaking to Sword and Shield E3 directors last week, I realized that change was at the heart of everyone's concerns. Pokémon adventure.

"What I always come back to, working on the original red and green games, is Venusaur, "said Masuda." This kind of evolutionary chain represented what we wanted to do with Pokémon– create those creatures that look like something you've never seen before, but with elements of what you've seen. This reflects your interest in seeing them on the packaging, for example. I saw the games in the stores, they were red and green, and looking at Venusaur, you say: what is it? I do not really know what it is, but it's a little familiar. 'It makes you really interested. It really captures the production spirit of the original Pokémon Games. "

Ohmori, who worked on Pokémon games as far as Ruby and Sapphire in 2002 and started running new games starting with Sun and Moon, used a humbler Pokémon as an example to illustrate the creatures that capture the spirit of the game.

"For me, it's actually caterpillar," he said. "The reason is that in real life you have bugs that will evolve. If you breed a dog, it will not change his appearance. in the Pokémon In the early parts of the game, one of the reasons we still have bug-type Pokémon is that it's familiar and that it may feel like it's going to evolve. This kind teaches the concept of Pokémon: growing and evolving. "

Screen capture: Nintendo

In all Pokémon Games are not only the Pokémon who evolve, but also the coach, who becomes their own person who updates himself throughout his journey in the world. Ohmori said that the next Sword and Shield emphasize that trainers go through their own evolutionary journey.

"It's not just the Pokémon that are getting stronger and stronger, it's also the player alongside the Pokémon," said Ohmori. "We have a lot of that in these games with the added worry of reaching the top, becoming the strongest and the greatest."

Sword and Shield expresses this theme through the version of the games of the sports culture of the United Kingdom. Ohmori and Masuda both said they were not big sports fans, but they also said that in this game, Pokémon fights became their own sport, as we can already see in the leaders and gym coaches who wear athletic clothing. Nessa, head of water type gymnastics, wears an athletic swimming uniform, while champion Leon wears leggings and sports shorts as well as a fluid and fluffy cape.

By the time Pokémon Sword and Shield In November, I'll be thirty. I never thought about playing again Pokémon at this age, but I can not wait. It turns out that I always had to age with my Pokémon, to see the world and myself change in the same way that a Caterpie evolves to a Butterfree.

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