The Division 2: get ready for large installations of the first day, even if you have a record


If you plan to play Tom Clancy's The Division 2 on PlayStation 4, get ready for a major division of your console's hard drive. For example, 92 gigabytes, and even if you install it from disk, there will be a tedious first-day download, which should go smoothly if it is transmitted via PlayStation Network. psn downloads site:

That's all Ubisoft does, which created this notification page to tell players on all three platforms what to expect. However, the wording is confusing. Xbox One and PC users expect a download of 48 to 52 GB if they make digital purchases. They are also told to expect to reserve 48 to 52 GB of disk space for the game.

The same thing is said to the owners of PlayStation 4, except that the file size is between 88 and 92 GB in both cases. I sent an e-mail to a representative of Ubisoft asking for clarification on what exactly is installed from a disk for those who take this route. Many have; there are at least three special editions with physical versions of the game containing collectibles and other doodads.

This Ubisoft page also discusses file size and huge title update downloads for both consoles, and also states that players should expect downloads ranging from 50 GB (PC and Xbox One) at 100 GB (PS4 range). In addition, there is a 1.5 title update to download, for a cherry of 2 GB more.

Those who buy Tom Clancy's The Division 2 in the Xbox One or PC digital markets, you can preload it right now. For the PS4, again, it's different. They can access the game 24 hours before launch (depending on the version purchased). Owners of Gold and Ultimate Edition start playing on March 11th at 12:01 pm EDT and all others will get it on March 15th.

The size of the game must be twice as big on PS4 as on Xbox One. It should be remembered that this is still an MMO, and The Elder Scrolls Online and DC Universe Online both consume higher than average disk space on my machines.

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