The DLC of Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors is short and effective

Resident Evil 2The reimagination of the 1998 original relied heavily on action, with a revamped camera and shooter. His first batch of DLC, Ghosts survivors, focuses on unpublished stories and hypothetical scenarios, and focuses on intense zombie gauntlets rather than raw horror.

Ghosts survivors, free, follows three protagonists: the weapons storekeeper Robert Kendo, the daughter of the mayor of Raccoon City, Katherine Warren, and an unidentified Umbrella soldier. Each of their scenarios is hypothetical. What would have happened if Katherine had escaped from the clutches of the evil police chief Brian Irons? What if another Special Forces soldier was sent to retrieve virus samples? These scenarios are imagined as high – octane temporal attacks, opposing each survivor to a multitude of enemies. The challenge is simple: go from point A to point B. Ghosts survivorsThe scenarios are not slow and tense. They are dense hordes and new enemies rushing at full speed.

If you do not die, each mission lasts about 10 minutes, but about twenty minutes the first time with trial and error. You start armed with some weapons and ammo, but just enough to get you started. As you move through each location, you will find dispensers of items that can hold three different herbs (although you can only take one), as well as zombies carrying backpacks that carry supplies. additional. The thing with Ghosts survivors learn to preserve what you have and know exactly what to take. This is played with some trial and error. You will rush a little further in a scenario, reach a stumbling point, possibly die, and then try again at the beginning. Each new knowledge leads you further and further to the point where you can complete the level in a miraculous race.

Resident Evil 2The changes in the battle blossom here, forcing players to eliminate some enemies from a bag or find ways around huge crowds. You can not kill everything. Instead, you will attack and blow limbs to get them through the skin of your teeth. It has worked well as the format of the game's "Fourth Survivor Mode" and continues to work here. Every new success is well deserved.

In order to vary each scenario, Ghosts survivors add some new enemies. There are bright-eyed zombies that explode with poisonous gas in defeat, armored zombies fleeing attacks to critical areas, and strange "pale heads" that regenerate anything but weapons. more deadly. They provide just enough complications to cause problems, but I might have liked more enemy variety in this case. L & # 39; original Resident Evil 2 has giant spiders and some other nasty things that were not included in the remake, which would have been a good opportunity to bring them back.

Ghosts survivors is a very simple experience. There are zombies, you have guns, now go to the end of the level. Resident Evil 2The modernizations allow him to turn this simple concept into something bloody and exciting. It's not as sublime as hiding and hiding from Mr. X in the main game, but Ghosts survivors can be very fun. This is the case of a game that knows what it does well and who really plays. Hardcore fans will enjoy the best moments possible, while zombie-hungry players will be thrilled by the best players on the market.

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