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The ESA Space Orbiter detects a hairy blue spider & # 39; on Mars

Composite color representation of the "hairy blue spider" spotted by an ESA orbiter on Mars. (Photo credit: ESA / Roscosmos / CaSSIS)

Watch out: A Space Orbiter from the European Space Agency (ESA) recently spotted a "hairy blue spider" on Mars and its huge "eight-legged frame" seems to spread on the red planet.

The strange view, taken by the ExoMars ExoMars ExoMars (CaSSIS) ExoMars trace gas orbiter color imaging system, shows the Mars region of Terra Sabaea, according to an ESA press release .

But it is not a true arthropod: it is a strange motif that is on the crest of one of the edges of Mars and that could be the result of an activity of the devil of the dust, which implies the convergence of hundreds (if not thousands) of tiny Martian tornadoes.

To give life to the observations of the space orbiter, the ESA showed a composite color representation, in which the more blue features compared to the typical Mars hue are represented in bright blue. According to the ESA, in real color, these random streaks appear in the form of a reddish tone. On Mars, dust devils swirl the surface material of the red planet and expose cooler material underneath.

It is not known why the trails are highly concentrated on the ridges of Mars, but this could be due to a relationship with orographic lift, where carbon dioxide air masses rise up and intersect with other masses of air.

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