The EU pushes Trump again, this time about Huawei's 5G technology

The German government is inclined to let Huawei Technologies Co. participate in the construction of the broadband Internet infrastructure of the country, said several German officials.

A small group of ministries reached a preliminary agreement two weeks ago, which still needs to be formally approved by the entire cabinet and parliament. It is not planned for several weeks.

The Trump administration has been asking its allies for months to limit Huawei's involvement in building their next-generation mobile infrastructure, or even removing its equipment from existing networks.

But the refusal of these countries to delay the deployment of so-called 5G services, the potential additional costs of sourcing new suppliers, and the lack of evidence that Huawei can use its equipment to listen to or disrupt communications have thwarted US efforts. United.

In the United Kingdom, Washington's closest ally in Europe, an ongoing study is expected to conclude that the company's products should still be allowed in less vulnerable areas of its network, according to British officials.

And across Eastern Europe, where the United States has traditionally exerted considerable influence, governments have been reluctant to drastically restrict Huawei's access, in part out of fear that it may upset China, a major investor in China. the region.

A recent survey conducted by the German cybersecurity agency with the help of the United States and other allies has not shown that Chinese society could use its equipment to siphon data illegally, according to officials of the agency and other government officials.

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