The excellent third season of Better Things begins with a big goodbye


Mikey Madison and Pamela Adlon enjoy roast on the river
Photo: Suzanne Tenner (FX)
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In its opening moments, the Better things "Chicago", our third beloved, finds our beloved Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon) who has trouble getting dressed, but not because she is assaulted by her kids Max (Mikey Madison) , Frankie (Hannah Alligood) and Duke (Olivia Edward), or she next door neighbor / mother Phil (Celia Imrie). This is the rare moment for Sam where she is alone: ​​no need to calm the girls or old, no sharp remarks to defend themselves, no obligation to meet if not clothe his body. But it is not because it is uninterrupted that it is harmless. As she tries to slip into leather jackets and white jeans suddenly too tight, Sam goes from horrified to amused – she is both dismayed and admired by her changing body.


This revelation in a dressing room, handled in a generally honest and ironic manner by Adlon, who once again directs each episode, marks the passage of time in and out of history. It's been about a year and a half since the first season and a lot has happened since then, including Louis C.K, a long-time friend and friend of Adlon, admit sexual misconduct and withdraw (too briefly) from the public eye. The finale of season two, "Graduation," banished evil men from Fox family life; Likewise, CK is not involved in this third season, other than keeping his credit as a co-creator. There is no denying the role played by CK in the past, insofar as he wrote or co-wrote each episode of season 2. But his presence is neither missed nor desired during the first of the season (nor anywhere else in the season, but I will not hurt you with spoilers). While Sam realizes that she does not fit in any of her clothes, we see how Adlon has outpaced her former creative partner, though obviously, this is a much happier development. To go further home, Sam keeps his room before heading to the door.

Photo: Susan Tenner (FX)

There are other big changes in "Chicago," some of which are taking place in my hometown, but all of which have been shot in Los Angeles (at least, the recess is right!). Max begins his studies at Columbia College Chicago and Sam prepares his daughter to live away from home as she can. She fills several shopping baskets with condoms, Plan B and all the feminine hygiene products and ramen flavor that you can imagine. (Incidentally, I could listen to Pamela Adlon calling convenience stores all day, shouting "condoms!" With the same enthusiasm as a stoner falling on the right bag of chips.)

But Sam knows that he has to help Max out of the nest beyond the purchase of DivaCups and contraceptive foam for a period of four years. As we have seen throughout season two, Max is both excited and terrified of the future. She panics briefly about the best bed in the worst room, which may be a strategy to take over your roommates? Sam uses his magic again, but only because Max allows it. It's such a beautiful exchange precisely because it's hard to know if Max is reinforced by something Sam says at that point – she will not let go of Goethe's quote before later – or just in having there during orientation week or something that her mother did in the evening. past. Anyway, Sam gives Max the confidence to make his way through the dormitory doors, where she will be lodged by a student whose name is just a scribble in my notebook, sorry.

The mother and daughter then spend some time in the Windy City before the first day of school. They dine at River Roast, which Take away EIC, Kevin Pang, has informed me that some of Chicago's best roast chickens. Then, they attend a show at Green Mill, which they are both able to do thanks to the fake simulacrum of Max's hard drive. Just about every other show, discovering that your daughter was running around Los Angeles with a fake ID. the last two years would put an end to this beautiful consignment. But on Better thingsAdmission only brings mother and daughter closer together. Max's intelligence appeals to Sam, but there is also the feeling that, for now, Sam has nothing to teach him. So she lets Max join her roommate and another student, but only after crossing the course This is us"Goodbye goodbye hug.

Liz Jenkins and Pamela Adlon
Photo: Suzanne Tenner (FX)

Merit goes to Adlon, who knows when to move from thrilling to laughing emotion. Despite her request for a moment of tears, Sam gets shoved as soon as she is first class. She must first explain what I think her THINX panties to a TSA agent, while a woman wearing a sufficiency shirt "No Vaccines" is just passing through. Another sudden change comes as his flight back to Los Angeles is interrupted by a fire of equipment. Meanwhile, Sam extinguishes her own fire, discriminates her passengers and encourages them to finish their alcoholic beverages before they use their flight vouchers for even more cocktails.

Sam's home trip is so busy that I hardly thought the play Frankie needed reading help was an adaptation of L & # 39; Odyssey; it is rather the first act of A Raisin In The Sun Lorraine Hansberry's 1959 play is equally appropriate, with her passages describing a loving and inhabited home and a mother who remembers – and feels – everything. The way Sam works to help Frankie at this late hour proves that she experiences both joy and frustration on this trip.

Observations lost

  • Welcome back to Better things recaps! Looking forward to participating in the new season with you all.
  • "Chicago" was written and directed by Pamela Adlon, which may explain why some of the best moments – the first scene that communicates mostly through grunting and too small clothes, the beautiful black and white photo montage left un says like dialogue. She knows this show from time to time, and there is no one better to guide us in the lives of these characters.
  • Speaking of Sam's day with Max, I'm publishing this filigree screen capture because it's such a beautiful picture of one of the most expressive faces on TV:
  • The title of the alternate universe for King of the hill is Ching of the mill, I think ?, and Bobby Hill is known as "rooster".
  • I want to know more about this show "lawyers in the space".
  • I might have laughed at the strongest woman wearing the "No Vaccine" t-shirt.
  • The Phil Files: She still runs the court for her friends playing gin on rummy, but at least one clue indicates she's still declining. The forgetfulness of his move regarding Max's move to Chicago sparked worrying concern over Sam's face.
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