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The exit of the Polish royal family was an "orchestrated front"

  • Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe claims that the surprise release of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton was an "orchestrated front" to distract from the rumors about the royal feud.
  • Kate and Meghan joined their husbands for a polo day and brought their children with them.

    So yesterday, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton surprised everyone by showing up at a polo match between Prince Harry and Prince William – and they took away their adorable kids.

    The family outing seemed honestly beautiful and so relaxed: Charlotte and George played football, Louis wore sunglasses and pointed at things, and Meghan looked radiant holding Baby Archie. She and Prince Harry even shared a cute moment after finishing playing:

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    Meanwhile, Harry and William, who had been rumored to have quarreled for about a year, seemed to be listening, according to this photo:

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    Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe says here that this entire output has been carefully orchestrated. In an interview with Nine News Australia, host Belinda Russell noted that after viewing the photos of the event, one had to ask "what a quarrel?" And Duncan replied, "Is not that what we're supposed to think after today?" It was carefully orchestrated – there are always photographers in those polo matches.

    "They all looked very happy today, so it's in the context of the rift that reigns […] I think that they could not be the best of friends. But you must take a lot with a pinch of salt […] I think they will be quite happy with these photos. "

    Hmmm. Honestly, well, it is quite possible that this outing was "orchestrated" in order to harm the press of the royal quarrel. But if that is the case, who cares? Is it so bad that the royal family wants people to know that they are getting along well? Let them live!

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