The fake face FA website has been launched

A selection of faces of the site

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A selection of faces of the site

A software developer has created a website that generates fake faces using artificial intelligence (AI). generates a new realistic image every time the page is refreshed, using the technology developed by the Nvidia chip maker.

Some website visitors are surprised by the compelling nature of some counterfeits, though others are more clearly artificial.

And many of them have released some of the fake faces on social media.

Nvidia has developed a pair of conflicting AI programs to create and then critique the images, in 2017.

The company then made these programs open source, which means that they are publicly accessible.

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All the faces on the website are not human convincingly

False realistic

As the quality of speech, textual, and pictorial synthesis improves, researchers face ethical dilemmas about the opportunity to share their work.

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Legend of the mediaWhy these faces do not belong to "real" people

Last week, the OpenAI research group backed by Elon Musk announced that he had created an artificially intelligent "writer".

But the San Francisco group took the unusual decision of not publicly publishing the technology behind the project.

"It is clear that the ability to generate a synthetic text subordinate to specific topics has significant potential for abuse," the group said in a statement posted on Amnesty International's blog Synced.

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