The Falcon Heavy Booster that has fallen overboard now, ashore, SpaceX plans to reuse it


We do not know what is the degree of protection against the infiltration of the Falcon Heavy central booster, but it seems that SpaceX is convinced that the equipment, or at least a part of it, could be reused even if it is not used. it dives into the salty waters of the Atlantic.

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Falcon Heavy meeting in Cape Canaveral Falcon Heavy meeting in Cape Canaveral
During the first week of April, the Falcon Heavy launched its first trade mission and nailed it. The launch was not only a total success, but the landing was also, the three boosters and two parts of the fairing allowing to return to Earth in perfect conditions.

Of the three thrusters, only the landers land on the ground, while the center, after burning a little longer to carry its satellite in orbit, crashed on a drone parked in the Atlantic Ocean.

The landing went off without a hitch, but Mother Nature had other plans and, while the ship was en route to Port Canaveral, flipped it overboard.

"When the conditions worsened with swells from eight to ten feet, the booster started to change and was finally unable to stand", SpaceX said earlier this week.

The company's teams managed to recover the recall, and on Thursday the precious cargo managed to reach the coast.

According to Spectrum News, the space company plans to reuse at least a portion of the booster component on other rockets, provided they verify during future inspections.

In its current configuration, the Falcon Heavy consists of three boosters each equipped with 9 Falcon 9 engine cores generating a combined thrust of 5 million pounds. The three, constituting what is called step 1, are connected to each other, the lateral cores being connected to the base and the top of the liquid oxygen reservoir of the central core. The second stage, which puts the cargo in orbit, consists of a 9-source Merlin Falcon engine.

The next Falcon HEavy launch is scheduled for June.

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