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The famous image of Starfleet reproduced by mysterious Martian dunes

Apparently stamped in the red sand of the famous red planet, a familiar chevron emblem resembling Star Trek Starfleet's iconic logo was recently spotted by NASA's intrepid orbiter of recognition and Star wars people a little worried.

This remarkably shaped sand dune is the obvious result of winds, lava and other elemental forces sculpting the sterile Martian landscape. It is located in Hellas Planitia, a vast plain section inside the Hellas impact basin boundaries in the southern hemisphere of Mars.

The startling Starfleet brand was not the first to be seen during the 13-year-old MRO tour on the arid planet, but it caused a funny feed on Twitter between a famous Star Trek captain and legions rival Star wars faithful.

"Enterprising viewers will discover that these features look visibly like a famous logo," said the MRO HiRISE team of the University of Arizona in an official statement. "You'd be right, but it's only a coincidence."

In a clear demonstration of the effects of weather and geological events, the interaction of sand, wind and volcanic substances has allowed these distinctive crescents to survive long after the lava cooling and the emergence of triangular islands.

"However, they were still just dunes and the wind was still blowing," the statement said. "Finally, the sand dune heaps have migrated, leaving these" footprints "in the lava plain, also called" dune casts "and record the presence of dunes surrounded by lava."

Is this revealing image a pure coincidence or a cosmic imprint that signifies Star Trek ultimate superiority over the empire of Star wars? You decide.

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