The final DLC episode of Final Fantasy 15 will be released next month

Square Enix has announced the release date of the final DLC chapter of Final Fantasy XV, Ardyn Episode. The extension arrives on PS4, Xbox One and PC next month, March 26. Some sweet spoilers of Final Fantasy XV follow.

Episode Ardyn embodies the players in the role of the villain Final Fantasy XV. According to Square Enix, the story stands 35 years before the main game's events, after Ardyn's release from his several-century imprisonment by Verstael Besithia, a researcher in Niflheim.

Just like the previous chapters of Final Fantasy XV DLC, Ardyn Episode presents unique game mechanics. As Ardyn, players will be able to move quickly in the environment using their ability to move with shadows. He can also demonify enemies by turning them into demons.

Prior to the release of the episode Ardyn, Square Enix shared a lively prologue video that sets the stage for the DLC. You can watch it below.

Excluding Comrades' multiplayer expansion, Episode Ardyn marks the fourth chapter of downloadable content that Square Enix has released for Final Fantasy XV. The previous three, Gladio Episode, Prompt Episode, and Ignis Episode, were all centered on the protagonist members of Noctis.

The episode Ardyn was not meant to be the last DLC of Final Fantasy XV. Originally, Square Enix had planned three more episodes of downloadable content for the game, but the publisher announced in November that these had been canceled, and the director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, left the company. Square Enix also said that Luminous, the subsidiary that is developing the DLC, is now devoting its resources to creating a new AAA game, although no additional details have been communicated.

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