The final ranking each time Madison Bumgarner is angry against a home run


Madison Bumgarner is a competitive guy. Of course, you can not become a staff ace and a World Series hero without burning your belly.

But, like a California wildfire, it's easy for this fighting spirit to lose control of his teenage years.

Bumgarner has forged a reputation in the league as a scorched (probably problematic) thanks to his vendetta against pleasure – uh, I mean, bad sportsmanship. Given this fact and the hubbub of yesterday, it seems appropriate to look back and categorize all the times when Bumgarner was away for a home run.

For the band!

Max Muncy is not only a strong man who strikes away, but he is also very good with a quip.

Defective geography aside, that's a good point. Wanting with Muncy for admiring his bondial breath is a defeat against himself, as it only draws more attention to how far the ball went wildly away. If you want to impress anyone for this incident, blame Bumgarner for throwing a meatball at Muncy.

Yet, with regard to the Bumgarner explosions, this is rather minor. In his post-match interview, Muncy explained that he did not wish to become another Yasiel Puig.

Please. Muncy is not Puig. To deserve this distinction, it takes more than mere chatter. I give this confrontation angry Bumgarner out of five.

Speaking of Puig, it's the flipping of the bat that triggered everything.

Playing in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Giants beat the Terrible Dodgers 3-0 when Puig started a magnificent homerun track to center. While the flipping of the bat (soft by Puig's criteria) would not impact the outcome of the match, it certainly had an impact on Bumgarner's sunny disposition.

After Puig bypassed the bases, Bumgarner greeted the slugger in front of his plate. We do not know exactly what was said, but Bumgarner proposed his version:

I congratulated him. It was a very good shot. It was impressive. Once again, I do not know why everyone has gone so crazy. He degenerated quickly for no reason. I think he said, "Thank you." I do not know if he did it. I do not speak very well spanish.

It's not really original, but it's a classic joke, with a nice "Speak American" tone that sets it apart. It can also be argued that this led to the "Do not look at me" incident two years later.

For this reason alone, he wins four out of five Angry Bumgarners.

We do not need to go back too far to find a clash between these two Titans d'Eguis├ęs. Dressed in pink, former Dodger sent a Bumgarner fastball inside the bleachers of Oracle Park's left field. Then Puig, the fun player I want to play for the Giants, added a bright pink cherry to the singer dinger with a superb turn of the bat.

Before all of Puig's enemies come to complain about "respecting the game," take the time to recognize that Bumgarner is not quite innocent when it comes to showing the pitcher. What I mean is not that Bumgarner is a bad person, but it's silly to get excited about the fact that players are enjoying the fruits of their work. Just … lighten up, people. It's a game, not a diplomacy with big stakes.

Anyway, it's a shame that Puig is wearing a Cincinnati Reds uniform this time because it was a fantastic #GoodForTheRivalry fuel. As things stand, this incident is also minor – probably because Bumgarner was not watching when Puig turned his staff back – but he inspired this Giants Pitcher fire quote:

I'll give him two angry Bumgarners out of five.

Do you know what helps when you are angry? Throw a fastball of 92 km / h on someone.

Therapists around the world: "What, no, it's a terrible-"

Anyway! In a start against the San Diego Padres, Bumgarner decided to defeat his anger on the back of Jesus Guzman.

Or rather, he tried to. In reality, he ended up moaning like a complete idiot.

Although Guzman escaped unharmed, he threatened to escalate the conflict as he headed for the mound, bat in hand. Fortunately, Buster Posey and the home umpire quickly intervened before the situation escalated.

The best part of this situation is that Bumgarner did not even give up a home run in favor of Guzman! The foul run occurred the night before, when Guzman responded with enthusiasm to take Matt Cain deep inside him.

I can imagine the car ride after this game …

Bumgarner: "I can not believe the nerve of this guy! "

Cain: "It's good, he just managed to groove one. We will have it next time. "

Bumgarner: "NO! His do not d & # 39; agreement "!

Cain: "Whoa, Bum, you must calm down-"

Bumgarner: "RAAAAAAAAH!"

Now, I will never tolerate intentionally hitting another person with a high-speed shot, but that has been badly managed by Bumgarner. First of all, he went after Guzman at the top of the second run. If you want to target a guy, do it when you know you'll be arrested soon.

Secondly, after Guzman was arrested by Posey and the referee, Bumgarner continued to move forwardDuane Kuiper warned that "Bumgarner had better get out of there" because the Giants could not afford to lose him, whether he was injured or ejected. But it's not like he's going to endanger the team one day by doing something stupid, haha!

Whatever the case may be, Guzman had his revenge later in the match when he qualified for a home run against Bumgarner in the seventh. What is really how these things should be handled. Do you want to go back to an opponent who showed you? Hit him next time.

The unreasonable amount of rage for an injury that has not even been inflicted on her makes her really special. I must give this one five of the five Bumgarners angry!


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