The final season of "Game of Thrones": Arya and the dragons, explained


The dragons arrive at Winterfell, announcing a hope for Arya Stark, favorite of Maisie Williams fans.

When Game of thrones Back, he will be accompanied by Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), who makes his epic arrival at Winterfell, with dragons.

Indeed, the excursion north of Daenerys is pretty much the only scene that HBO is ready to show when it comes to the last season of The Thrones, at least until now. The teasers and previous photos are all centered on Stark's ancestral home, be it as direct as Dany meeting Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) for the first time, or the brilliant date of the first revelation revolving around Sansa, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Arya (Maisie Williams) wandering in the crypts of Winterfell.

In the last teaser of the last season of The Thrones (part of a broader overview of HBO's 2019 offerings, including Damon Lindelof's guardians and along in the making Deadwood movie), this is once again the legendary meeting of wits at Winterfell – apart from this time, there may be a little more plot to guess, thanks to the prospect of a favorite character of the fans: Arya Stark.

The brief footage tells of the arrival of the Targaryen Army in the North, ready to help defend itself against the King of the night and his White Walker forces. Unsullied's march in unison as Drogon sailed over his head, his mere presence terrified the cold northerly inhabitants like stone, rarely in the presence of such heat. The only person who does not seem to be afraid at all: Arya. Rather the opposite, in fact. She seems delighted to contemplate for the first time the growing image of a dragon.

Is it any wonder that Arya is so intrigued by the sight of a dragon where her compatriots are scared? Unlike most other people in Winterfell, Arya studied abroad, noticing all kinds of strange wonders, and even adopted some strange ones for her personal use, including learning Faceless Men's ways, in which she uses old magic to spread faces. his enemies are alike and strike without warning.

When considering the future of Arya Stark, it is difficult to know exactly where she stands in the White Walker conflict. Of course, she has a Valyrian dagger, thanks to the events of season seven; The likelihood that Arya uses the thing against one of Night King's lieutenants is great, considering the amazing use of Valyrian steel as a weakness of the White Walker. But is there enough room for a major character like Arya to have a major story in the war against the undead?

It's easier to see how Arya's final narrative could intersect with another major character: Queen Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), another influential player attentive to Winterfell, if such an imminent arrival is imminent. The most recent edition of The Hollywood journalistof Final path series, in which we make our final forecasts for each big Game of thrones character, projected a murderous future for Arya and Cersei – the one that ends with the death of the first person, in the hands of this one. There is a myriad of reasons to believe that Arya might not survive The Throneskilled either under the orders of Cersei or by the mad queen herself.

Parallel to this fatal prediction, there was one last hope for Arya. In the sixth season, while she is recovering from a series of stabbings, Arya wonders aloud: "What's going on west of Westeros? " This testifies to Arya's desire to travel to the world of ice and fire, from his feeling that the man's understanding of their environment is of great importance. range so limited, including only Westeros and Essos and not too far beyond. Is there a version of Game of thrones it ends with Arya leaving everything she knows behind for a new, strange journey where she can see great adventures and chart a route through the unknown?

As fast as it may sound, this latest teaser of the last season gives us hope for Arya's survival through new travels. The sheer wonder in his eyes at the sight of a dragon speaks to that adventurous spark in the heart of the young Stark. Staying in Winterfell does not seem to be faithful to Arya's spirit, no matter how much she loves her family. Death could drive him away, but Arya's incurable curiosity bringing her back to the world can be just as easily imagined. What's west of Westeros? Are there more dragons to find? Maybe Arya will try to answer these questions alone once the dust settles on the last season of The Thrones – assuming that there is nothing left of the world in the world except dust once its allies and it quarrel with the army of the dead.

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