The first day of spring in Los Angeles brings hail and floods that close a major highway

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By Dennis Romero

On Wednesday in southern California, spring was a strange time, mixed with hail, rain and sun, and a major highway was closed following floods.

The Highway 710 at Compton was closed for more than an hour in the afternoon, drivers in both directions being faced with water deep enough to spoil their vehicles, said the company. Agent Siara Lund of the California Highway Patrol. Traffic was diverted on another highway.

Compton Fire Chief Ronerick DeKeith Simpson said the rescuers had been called after two reports of vehicles stuck in the surface streets. No injuries were caused.

A Los Angeles NBC helicopter captured images of streets, parks, and roofs in southwestern Los Angeles County that were covered in hail, despite temperatures in the region of around 60 and bright sunshine in the morning. other neighborhoods nearby.

The Long Beach Police Department, located nearby, noted the bizarre weather in a tweet that southern agents saw the sun while those in the north of the city, lining Compton, "were facing hail and to torrential rains ".

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