The first season of "Shadowhunters", review "Lost Soul" – The premiere of 3B's "Shadowhunters" marks the beginning of the end of a major couple


After an extremely long interruption, Shadow Hunters finally came back for his remaining 12 episodes, and believe me when I tell you that, collectively, we were not ready. Although we all begged for the return, after the episode tonight, I would like to have a few more weeks of hope.

Warning: the spoilers for the premiere of season 3B, "Lost Soul", are coming soon.

Honestly, it's shocking to note that the creators did not know that 3B would be last on Freeform, because the atmosphere they created is remarkably similar to that felt by many fans: devastated. And it looks like they're creating the mood for the rest of the season. Despite the "revelation" that Clary (Kat McNamara) has not died, she now has another seemingly immovable obstacle in her way, and telling Edom will probably solve nothing. Here, the most heartbreaking moments of Shadow hunters & # 39; big return:

Everything with poor baby Jace

Fan of Clace or not, it's hard to ignore the pain of Jace (Dominic Sherwood) as a result of Clary's "loss". Since the love of his life would still be alive without him (his words, not mine), he acts unscrupulously in the hunt and literally throws himself into a warlock's spear.

If the pain of losing Clary was not enough, he also has memories of his time as an owl … and it is not pretty. It takes devastating discussions with Izzy (Emerald Toubia) and Alec (Matt Daddario) to prevent him from doing something that he can not take back.

It is particularly telling that the king of the bad plans is so downcast that he does not even jump to Luke's wild conspiracy theory (Isaiah Mustafa) that Clary might still be alive somewhere.

Speaking of which, he is absolutely right, but it is a bit depressing to think that Luke is hiding from the world, knowing that his daughter, who disappeared after a real explosion, is not dead.


John Medland

Simon blames himself too

As there was not enough "if it was not for me, Clary would still be alive," the episode shows a literal montage of platonic moments of Climon while Simon (Alberto Rosende) is hiding alone in the apartment. When Maia (Alisha Wainwright), officially back, tries to get him out of his slum, he tells her that he's too threatening to be close to anyone. Anyone please protect my son from daylight.

The beginning of the end of Saia

Look, based solely on the teasers for 3B, we already knew that Sizzy was going to happen in the near future. And if Simon and Isabelle will finally meet, it must sound the death knell of his relationship with Maia. But was he coming so fast?

It is true that there was no official burst in this episode, but the chemistry of the couple, usually ardent, marked the beginning of the end. In the final 3A, Maia left the city while Simon probably needed her the most (no shadow to Maia, it's important to take care of your own mental wellbeing first). I can see why his return would be bitter-sweet for Simon.


Of course, Maia does not feel inclined to join Simon in his mission to find a vampire who could heal from Cain's brand. Although her excuses are quite valid (she's right, it's not a good idea to bring a wolf into a closed sewer system), there was a time when she would like to do something to help Simon. This exchange is what has broken me:

Maia: Call me if you find him.
Simon: What if I do not do it?
Maia: [long, uncomfortable pause] I will always be there for you. You are not alone.

Tear off my heart, why not you?

The Magnus of everything

All men of Shadow Hunters are in need of a hug. Despite her ability to ward off the fate of Iris Rouse (Stephanie Belding) and protect Madzie (Ariana Williams) by her will, even without her powers, Magnus "Absolutely Magic" Bane believes it is useless.

No matter what Alec tells him, the loss of Magnus' magic will clearly be a trauma that will continue to affect him until the end of the season. I am already beginning to worry about the next anxiety malec.


John Medland

How is Clary going out of this one?

After waking up, Clary, very much alive, discovered Lilith's apartment in the snowy desert of Siberia, and discovered a new face, Jonathan Morgenstern (Luke Baines), as well as a any new set of problems. A new rune that links her to her demonic brother serves not only to hug their powers and bring him back from the dead, but physically binds the brothers and sisters. After a missed escape, Clary stabs him by the neck and is also dying, saved only by Jonathan's ability to use his Iratze.

The road will be bumpy for everyone, I can feel it.

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