The first thing Meghan Markle did when she moved to Nottingham Cottage with Prince Harry

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reached a milestone in their relationship to settle together, like any other couple sharing the same space, whether royal or not, it meant compromising one for the first time. ;other. Read on to learn what Markle did by moving in with Prince Harry and how she encouraged him to give up his bad habits.

What Markle did when she moved in

When Markle moved to Nottingham Cottage with Prince Harry, she would have thrown all the junk food. She searched her cupboards and her refrigerator for processed foods and threw them whole.

"Meghan has completely changed Harry's diet," a source told the Daily Mail. Harry ate pizzas and hamburgers, but after meeting Markle, he changed his diet, trading fatty foods for green fruit juices and fruit smoothies.

Fit for the wedding

In anticipation of her marriage to Markle in May 2018, Prince Harry worked with the Royal Family Nutrition Advisor, Gabriela Peacock, who is also the founder of GP Nutrition. He used Peacock's "Clean Me" supplements to boost his immune system and promote healthy skin. The prince also started eating quinoa and kale and going to the gym.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at an official photocall to announce their engagement at the Sunken Gardens of Kensington Palace on November 27 2017 | Chris Jackson / Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Prince Harry's friends quickly noticed a change in him, because before Markle he was not so active and health conscious.

In his book, Harry: life, loss and loveauthor Katie Nicholl spoke with a friend of Prince Harry about his health. The prince would have had a new interest in yoga and his friends teased him.

"We all got a bit ribbed because he suddenly became very healthy. It was obviously going out with Meghan who unleashed her health promotion campaign, "said one of Prince Harry's friends in Nicholl.

Markle has been practicing yoga for years. Her mother, Doria Ragland, is a yoga teacher. Markle knows her yoga mat well. It is logical that Prince Harry has tried yoga because his wife and mother-in-law love this practice.

In addition to adopting new healthy habits, Markle helped Prince Harry get rid of the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. The prince regularly smoked cigarettes, but had promised Markle not to smoke in the house, which would eventually lead him to quit.

Markle "beautiful influence on Harry"

Markle's influence on Prince Harry, from his health to his relationships, is evident.

"Meghan is a nice influence on Harry. They both worked hard to be as healthy as possible before their marriage, "said a royal insider to People. "They both felt unbelievably before the wedding. And he could not have done it without his support. "

Meghan Markle | Instagram

Not only did Markle help her husband get in shape before their wedding, but she encouraged him to strengthen his relationship with his father, Prince Charles.

"Meghan met Charles and was shocked by his charm," a family source told the Daily Mail. "She told Harry that he was wonderful: welcoming, warm, caring and stable … She made it clear that he should enjoy it more and create closer bonds."

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