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KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – A flight from Washington DC lands with a broken windshield.

The cracks are visible.

This plane does not fly anymore tonight.

It is certainly annoying for the passengers of this flight.

The aircraft made a safe landing, but it is out of service and parked away from KCI gates.

The southwest mechanics have not worked on it yet tonight.

It's on the windshield of the left cockpit, it may be difficult to do, but you can see several cracks.

Southwest assures us that there was no danger to the passengers.

The windshield has several layers and the carrier says that only the outer layer has been damaged.

The Boeing 737 took off from Washington DC at 16:53. Eastern Time and land at the scheduled time at 18:31 for KCI.

Southwest says the windshield cracked in Kansas City. The airliner says it is rare that this type of incident has a catastrophic result.

117 people were on board. Several passengers say the pilots did not make an announcement.

This plane was supposed to go to Houston on Wednesday night.

Southwest exchanged a plane, the passengers of this flight to Texas were delayed only by 35 minutes.

No urgency has been declared at any time.

The mechanics will probably repair this windshield dispersed tomorrow and put this aircraft back into service.

Below is a statement that KCTV5 has received from Southwest.

Earlier in the evening, the outer pane of Southwest Flight # 718's left cockpit was cracked during the descent to the Kansas City International Airport (MCI). are designed with multiple layers of redundant windows and the cockpit window has remained completely intact, the flight has landed safely and no emergencies have been declared, and the aircraft has been decommissioned for routine repair of the windows and the customers of the following flight were accommodated in a replacement aircraft. "

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