The former Canadian prime minister rooted for Dorian at Mar-Lago


Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell said she hoped that Hurricane Dorian would hit the bull at Mar-a-Lago, Florida's so-called Florida White House resort.

"I'm looking for a direct hit for Mar a Lago!" Said Campbell, 19th Canadian Prime Minister for less than five months in 1993, tweeted thursday.

Dorian could become a Category 5 hurricane by Monday, while current projections indicate that the Palm Beach property remains in the "cone of uncertainty" over its impact.

Campbell had to deal with negative reactions for her tweet, many calling him "embarrassing" and "disgusting", but she doubled her wish and told critics to "take matters into their own hands".

"Like Puerto Rico, sorry for not getting trapped, but Trump's indifference to suffering is intolerable!" she says to a critic who pointed out that "real people" lived and worked in and around Mar-a-Lago.

"We would also help if it tackled climate change, which makes hurricanes more destructive! Instead, it will remove the limits on methane! Have a hold! "

On Thursday, Trump announced that he was canceling his trip to Poland to monitor the storm.

"To ensure that all federal government resources are spent on the approaching storm, I decided to send our Vice President Mike Pence to Poland this weekend for me," he said. he declared.

"It's very important for me to be here. It looks like this storm could be very big. And Mike will go. "

In 2017, guests at Mar-a-Lago were forced to evacuate under Hurricane Irma.

Trump has already stated that the complex suffered $ 17 million in damage during the 2005 hurricane season, but an Associated Press investigation revealed little evidence of private club success.

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