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The fortnite cartoon featuring Fishstick is a must

During the star-studded Fortnite charity event over the weekend, Epic played a brief clip of one Fortnite Cartoon showing popular skins as real characters. We've had a lot of cinematics already, especially at the beginning of the last few seasons, but this is the first time Epic has done anything for the Royal Battle with a real voice.

And it's great.

This quality is not simply due to Fortnite strong character design that lends itself well to a cartoon; Epic also understands deeply how people play his games. When you start Fortnite, the way to play is with a crew, not random fills. But being paired also means that you have to manage group dynamics, such as coordination of outfits. The fact is, there will always be that a anyone who wants to wear the most ridiculous skin possible, as you can see in the clip below.

(If you can not watch Twitch's integration, try this version on YouTube starting at 3:21:36.) There are also short films throughout the event, such as this silly song on all topics covered .)

I like the clumsy voice of Fishstick and its raw and wet sounds here. If I were in the team, I would change to a Peely depending on the mood.

But, more seriously, this clip is a big problem in the larger world of Fortnite. The game of the Royal Battle has already been extended to physical products, including skateboards and Nerf rifles. Given the popularity of the game with young children, it was only a matter of time before Epic put the game's aesthetics to good use.

That's what everyone expected. Overwatch – but Blizzard has been busy publishing animated shorts for his characters. In some ways, he feels already too late; Overwatch was left behind.

FortniteHowever, it is determined to accelerate everything presented to it, both in terms of updates, but also in terms of brand development. Even small additions to items become trailers. Do not be surprised if we end up with a full official Fortnite sketches, cartoons and shorts over the next year. Epic knows what he has on his hands here.

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