The Fortnite World Cup could be the last event for FaZe Tfue

Turner 'Tfue' Tenney of the FaZe clan told his Twitch band that the Fortnite World Cup in July would likely be his last Fortnite competitive event.

Tfue was streaming on April 13 while competing in the Open Online qualifier for the Fortnite World Cup, whose first week was devoted to solo play.

He quickly reflected on Fortnite's current competitive landscape and revealed that the World Cup would be his last appearance in the Fortnite category.

Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite World Cup
The Fortnite World Cup offers a record $ 30 million to the best players!

Saturday, April 13, start of qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup, where the best lead for the weekly finals has the chance to participate in the main event of $ 30 million in New York.

Each week, the solo and the duet alternate, but most players are offered a solo prize of $ 3 million.

Tfue is one of the leaders moving away from the Fortnite World Cup with a lot of money, but he thinks otherwise.

Does Tfue leave?

Tfue teams up with Dennis 'Cloak' Lepore for the duet section of the Fortnite World Cup. However, Tfue feels impartial against Fortnite.

He was to appear at the IEM Katowice Royal, but decided to withdraw due to low prices and format.

A fan asked Tfue if he left Fortnite on April 13 and Tfue answered with a simple, but precise: "Competitive, yes."

"This is my last competitive shit, it's the World Cup. I will not qualify anywayIt's like, I should not even play that shit, honestly. I'm mad. Anyway, I do not need this money. I'm just playing for fun. "

Tfue is currently the second Fortnite player to earn the most revenue behind Timothy 'Bizzle' Miller from Ghost Gaming.

If Tfue were to leave Fortnite, he would certainly leave a memorable mark on the community.

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