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The founders of Apple, Tesla and Twitter are all united by their interest in Bitcoin, but will this help adoption?

Although Bitcoin is caught in a persistent bear market for over a year, several gurus and major technology visionaries from some of the world's largest companies – including Apple, Tesla and Twitter – have rented cryptocurrency these recently, pointing out that bitcoins and crypto in general could soon be the subject of more innovation from large technology groups.

Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder, has long been a Bitcoin advocate, but has just doubled his praise for cryptocurrency, pointing out that he continues to believe in digital currency and its underlying technology. despite the massive selloff has ensued over the past year.

Wozniak: There has been a massive value creation since the Bitcoin Price crash

As previously reported by NewsBTC, the co-founder of Apple's technology giant recently shared his thoughts on Bitcoin, noting that it had spawned significant value creation over the past year, despite a less-priced evolution. that & # 39; impressive.

"We have witnessed a massive destruction of value, but we have witnessed a massive creation of value. I've had a lot of bitcoin, but never as an investor. I had only bitcoin to experiment … and I still do it on new bitcoin devices, "Wozniak said in a recent interview with Bloomberg.

Wozniak added that he did not "want to be part of those who constantly controlled the price" and that he thought the persistent bear market was largely due to human psychology and reflected neither the value of technology, nor its fundamental growth. .

Could Bitcoin's interest in Tech Gurus help improve its adoption rates?

Recently, more and more technology personalities have shown interest not only in blockchain technology, but also in BTC. The question is whether their interest in cryptography will contribute to its adoption rate.

In a recent episode of ARK Invest's FYI podcast, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, shared his interesting thoughts on cryptocurrency, noting that bitcoin is "pretty bright".

"I mean, I think the bitcoin structure was pretty bright. It seems that there is also a merit to Ethereum, and perhaps even to others, "he noted.

Despite this positive sentiment, it does not appear that Musk is interested in any of its companies' orientation towards adoption or investment in cryptocurrencies, as it is not certain that it would be good to use Tesla's resources. "

While Musk's interest in crypto may be limited, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently approved the launch of a browser-based failover extension that allows Twitter users to send BTC advice. via the Lightning Network.

"It's excellent," Dorsey said in referring to an article about launching the Tippin extension.

In addition, Dorsey congratulated BTC in a recent tweet, describing it as resilient and principled.

"Bitcoin is resilient. Bitcoin is based on principles. Bitcoin is native to the ideals of the Internet. And it's an excellent brand, "he said in response to a question about why Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency he has.

The other Dorsey company, Square, the payment processing giant, has also implemented several features that allow users to interact more deeply with cryptocurrencies. He was one of the first investors in Lightning Labs – a startup startup of Bitcoin Lightning Network.

While the interest of this technological guru for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency continues to grow, it is likely that their respective companies will be more inclined to incorporate crypto-friendly features, such as those already found in Square, which will help to widespread adoption, regardless of the state of the machine. markets.

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