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The Galaxy Note 10 / + is amazing with these leaks of press releases

UPDATE: New makes Featuring the largest Galaxy Note 10+ have been added to the article. The updated story continues below.


Less than a month from Samsung's introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 at its Unpacked event in early August, the official press has released online images that comprehensively reveal the company's next generation of smartphones.

A complete change of direction for the Galaxy Note series

Published first by WinFuture and followed shortly thereafter by Ishan Agarwal With images without a watermark, today's press releases essentially confirm the design of the Galaxy Note 10 that Steve Hemmerstoffer unveiled more than a month ago.

The smartphones represented, which in the first gallery are the Galaxy Note 10 and in the second the Galaxy Note 10+. looks totally different from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 introduced just twelve months ago. Upcoming models feature large 6.3-inch and 6.75-inch Infinity-O displays, each featuring extremely thin frames and center-up cutting. The latter houses what should be a 10 megapixel selfie snapper and is associated with curved edges on either side of the screens and a slightly thicker chin that should be barely noticeable in person.
Moving to the back, the rather radical design changes continue. Finished Samsung's horizontal camera configuration used since the Galaxy Note 8 and in its place, a Huawei P30 type vertical camera configuration comprising a total of three individual sensors. Just like the Galaxy S10 + that was launched earlier this year, a 16-megapixel super wide-angle camera is expected alongside a 12-megapixel telephoto lens that supports 2x optical zoom. In addition, a flight time sensor has also been added to the rear.
Samsung's usual 12-megapixel sensor should be the main camera. In order to better differentiate the Galaxy Note 10 from the previous devices, however, a rumor means a fairly radical upgrade in the form of a three-stage lens with variable aperture. Since the Galaxy S9, Samsung uses a dual-aperture system on its flagship product, designed to produce the best shots in normal and low light conditions. However, cameras often encounter difficulties in intermediate use cases, hence the upgraded system on the Galaxy Note 10.

The Galaxy Note 10 will also introduce major internal upgrades

Like the Galaxy S10 series that precedes it, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 range will use different processors depending on the region in which it is sold. For the US market, as is often the case, the flagship product would utilize Qualcomm's advanced technologies. the Snapdragon 855 range associated with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. In Europe, however, the device should use one of the Samsung chips.

The Galaxy S10 range uses the Exynos 9820, making it the ideal candidate for Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. But according to recent reports, Samsung is currently developing an updated version of this processor for the Galaxy Note 10 series called Exynos 9825, which will rely on the new 7-nanometer process and slightly improve performance and efficiency. This should in turn bridge the noticeable gap between Samsung's own chips and their Qualcomm counterparts.

In Europe, upcoming flagship products should come with the same 8/128 GB storage configuration as standard. However, like the Galaxy S10 series, other models with up to 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage are possible in Europe and the United States.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be official on August 7 alongside the largest Galaxy Note 10+ and potentially Galaxy Watch 2 and Galaxy Tab S6. Pre-orders should begin immediately, followed by shipments a few weeks later. The flagship product will be available for purchase in black and silver with a degraded color at launch, although other finishes can also make the cut.
Leaks suggest that Samsung is also preparing a 5G variant of the larger Galaxy Note 10+ that will be available for purchase exclusively at Verizon in the United States. However, relatively little is known about this offer at this time.

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