The game of John Wick for NES does not exist, it must not stop this


Danilo Dias, from JoyMasher, offers this extremely fast de-make (or the concept of one, anyway): John Wick, if the action movie of 2014 was a NES adaptation of about 25 years old.

If nothing else, it reminds me what "cover shooter" really was in previous years that has become a sub-genre. John still rushes to the right and attacks ever higher, eventually descending the Viggo helicopter and receiving his canine reward at the end of the 5-2 phase.

Great, now do it fast! Blindfolded!

Astute commentators will note that Continental's personalized customer service system runs on a Commodore 64, so retro gear is an appropriate support for the Boogeyman.

John Wick has a real video game coming out later this year, called John Wick Hex, for unspecified console and PC platforms. And you may have heard about the current cross promotion within Fortnite, which made things super weird thanks to the Reaper skin that has been part of the game for over a year.

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