The Game of Thrones kit: Harington cries in front of his fan [WATCH]

Winter is coming and the same is true Game of thrones & # 39; finale of the series, a fact that Kit Harington is no longer denying. In fact, he's in such a good mood and can not help but joke about a fan experience that he ruined when he just finished the series, because it was associated with a lot of falls. And tears. And maybe a slight wheeze. "I had really expected to say, Not anymore. As if it was really stoic and cool, "Harington explained, in response to the frequently asked question" Are you Jon Snow? ". "What really happened was that I left the set and was very moved. This poor girl approached me at the airport and left. Are you Jon Snow? And I will, Not anymore. She fell back quite quickly. "Ah yes, for the context, please note his Not anymore featured all this aforementioned chubber.

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