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The game on Windows 10 will improve this year, according to Phil Spencer, onMSFT.com of the Xbox

The year 2019 is about to be a very exciting year for Xbox and Windows 10 games, according to recent comments from Xbox boss Phil Spencer. Last year, we heard the Order's promise to fix the Xbox 10 Windows application and bring the Xbox Game Pass to PCs. The manager of the Xbox has now announced some announcements about PC games at E3 2019 in an interview with PC Gamer.

"Providing a great gaming experience to PC gamers is critically important to the future of Xbox and gaming at Microsoft," said Spencer, adding that Microsoft had "the responsibility to invest in new ways, we can take advantage of it so that players stay at the center of the experience. "

It is true that nearly five years after the launch of Windows 10, the Microsoft Store is still as mediocre as a company like Epic Games had managed to do with its new PC game store in a much shorter time. The same can be said of the Windows 10 Xbox application, which remains bogged down by a confusing user interface and general slowness.

"I know we've had a long talk over time about what we want to offer the PC-based player, but at E3 this year and in 2019, you'll start seeing where we've invested to offer everyone, services, in Windows and in big games. It's just the beginning, "said Spencer.

Making the Microsoft Store a must-have destination for serious PC gamers should definitely be one of the company's top priorities. However, beyond much needed improvements to the UI and the UX, the most interesting new might be the ability to run Xbox games natively on Windows 10 It's apparently something that Microsoft has begun to test with State of Decay: Previous Edition under Windows 10 19H1 Initiated versions and the prospect of bringing native Xbox gameplay to the desktop operating system could definitely change give it.

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