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The gameplay of Minecraft Earth seems adorable

Minecraft Land arrives at a closed beta later this summer. To help you, the Mojang has released a short video showing some gameplay. It's incredibly charming.

Until now, everything we've seen from Minecraft Land is the augmented reality and "occlusion of people", certainly impressive, where players build structures in real life in which they can then move. It's impressive in itself, and it certainly shocked me when I saw it at E3, but this game is not limited to placing and destroying blocks.

When you walk in Minecraft Land, you will see a map of your environment similar to that of Pokemon Go or Harry Potter: The wizards unite, according to this video, published yesterday on the Minecraft Youtube channel. On this map you will find "objects", which are objects that you can exploit that can bring you creatures, called "mobs" in Minecraft language – or different types of blocks and objects.

What's more interesting is the building boards. Building plates are the spaces in which you can build Minecraft Land, which you make in miniature on a table or other flat surface before placing the plate elsewhere, where everything you have built becomes life-size. The building boards actually correspond to the different biomes available in the standard versions. Minecraft. In the video, I saw a biome of the jungle, the Arctic and the desert, and the story said there would be more biomes that you can collect.

It's still impressive for me how many Minecraft they are piling up in this augmented reality phone game – it turns out that you will even be able to collect and change skins, as in the full game. If you sign up for the closed beta, which will start later this summer, you will also have an exclusive skin. Part of me would just prefer to be Steve Minecraft, however, for reasons of nostalgia.

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