The ghost vision of Rainbow Six Siege revealed; New operators Nokk and Warden detailed


The new DLC season of Rainbow Six Siege has been revealed. Operation Phantom Sight will include the two new usual operators – Nokk and Warden – as well as map editing and welcome modifications for existing characters.

Nokk is for all intents and purposes an attacking version of Vigil. Its Hel gadget allows it to become almost invisible to enemy cameras. The capacity is timed, so you will not be invisible forever, but it could be a very powerful tool for pushing goal rooms. His selection of weapons includes the FMG-9 SMG, the Six12 SD rifle and the D-50, similar to Desert Eagle, which is very powerful and can be equipped with a suppressor.

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Warden, a defender, wears smart glasses that allow him to see through the smoke at a standstill. In addition, its capabilities make it virtually insensitive to flashbangs and other disorienting devices, such as Ying's candela.

Siege's sniper character, Glaz, has been significantly refined for Operation Phantom Sight. It now takes him much longer for his defender profile to gain the defender profile, which has a big impact when he tries to shoot through the smoke. The change is intended to discourage Glaz players from simply storming the front line of a fight while maintaining his ranged firepower.

Finally, Kafe Dostoyevsky has been reworked. The reshuffle is not as dramatic as the Hereford Base, but it is still modernizing the building and adapting it to Siege's evolution since its launch. Check out the new Kafe and all the details of Year 2, Season 4 in our preview video above. Ubisoft has not yet confirmed the start of the Phantom Sight operation, but content updates are typically posted on PS4, Xbox One and PC servers approximately 3 weeks after their release.

In the latest update to Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft introduced the User-Friendly Shooting System, a new system designed to reduce the problem of team death in the game. Thanks to the update, shooting an ally will now cause all the damage you do. Ubisoft intends to continue tweaking the system and patches are already planned for next season as part of Ubisoft's new policy to more regularly release game updates.

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