The gift of a shoe manager to a child from Minnesota becomes viral


(KARE) There's a little more pop in Landon Pearson's fastball over the last eight days, thanks to a touch of color on his feet.

"They are a pretty yellow and orange," said Landon, pointing to his colorful Under Armor shoes. "I love the shoes that have color, I've seen them on this panel. Giant billboard and I thought they were pretty cool. "

Landon's trip to the Under Armor store in Albertville was a great opportunity because it was the first time that he was at looking for two shoes that did not need corrective equipment.

"He was born with a club foot," said Landon's mother, Natalie Schuneman. "That's where his foot has returned and in. "

Since his birth, Landon has worn a series of casts and braces in the hope of correcting his foot alignment. Natalie said: [traduction]

Landon and his family had not noticed how much his foot was stunted until Monday, when they shopped for his first pair of shoes without struts

"Her mother asked if I could just measure her feet, and I was sure," said Sean Kelly, store manager at the Under Armor outlet in Albertville. "One was of size six, the other of size three."

"I was shocked because I thought it was maybe only a difference in size," Natalie said. "Three sizes of shoes, that is a lot, so I cried."

Although Natalie was upset at the thought that her son needed to buy two pairs of shoes, probably for years to come, Sean quickly decided to act. ] "I said," How about buying the (size) three, I will buy the (size) six. "He can go home with the pair he wants, why not make him happy?"

Landon is always happy about that.

"He was a really nice guy," he said. "He was really thinking about paying for the shoes."

His mother thought it was so thoughtful. Natalie sent a photo and an email to Sean District Director. She then posted the story on Facebook and she quickly became viral, collecting more than 2,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

"It makes you feel good," she said. "It makes me want to be a better person."

Sean says it's part of customer service. "I love helping people find what makes them happier and more comfortable in everyday life".

Mission accomplished

"My foot feels free," said Landon. "These are my favorite shoes."


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